Monday, March 24, 2014

25th march 2014

12 pm

i think about nearly 2 months will pass since i left gancho studios and and my own at the current moment, s here is some updates.

1. i was offered a 2d animators in joove animation and i'm probably going to respond by today about when i can start, chances are that i didn''t reply in almost a week, the position will be offered to someone else almost by now.

2. recently had interview yesterday at kelana jaya at mirayi, interviewed by indian national. i feel i'm will be rejected at this company either way

3. going to penang from 27 until 28, i relly dunno what the hell I am going to do there, chances are I might back down because I don't see how helpfull I am.

4. my aunt had a stroke as in coma stage right now.

i just wonder what happens next

Friday, March 7, 2014


9 am

it's been almost 1 month since i left from ganchos and been on break since then, few updates so to show i' not dead yet,

1. been doing freelance projects of modeling sets and environment, keeping my skills still on the go and learning continuesly, can also say that's building a connection and work relationship with others.

2. been seeing alot of job advertisement lately for modeling, lectureing and even animation jobs, i would the more opportunity and options the better.

3. also still doing my demoreel, it's my one of the main projects at the moment, keeps me going, and i like that, gives myself a project to work on keeps my mind going, gives me something to do so I know that i won't back down any moment, that I won't get bored.

4. my ex classmate from toa meet with me a few times to introduce me to this network marketing called Usana and I'm like so blur about it, having no idea whats it all about and how it goes about

those are updates for now, in future will post more news