Sunday, September 21, 2014

2nd interview

6 44 am

i'm awake very early and I'm scheduled for 2nd interview today with vision animation and wau animation 2moro at cyberjaya. I have no idea why i am even going but i prefer to have something to do at moment than rotting at home.

anyway, I am leaving the house around 9 30 am to PJ and will have to return to subang later around 3 30 pm if i can make it to meet with whitecliff college. other updates is I have finallized the trailer drawing for possession.

after several revisions i decided this is the final revised idea and i will stick with it, next stage i decided will be followed by concept art for each character and the environments, I will still continue writing the full story. i just hope that the art stages will look good as the story progress.

brainsotrming a story alone is relly hectic because i myself find it hard to develop a story i need to get help from other people and some small oppinions. So at the moment, this project is currently solo until later anyone decides they wish to take part in it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

backbone entertaiment

4 25 am

latest updates, I have an offer from backbone entertaiment as animator when i was planning to apply for modeling position, i think right now it's better to meet the requirements/needs for my industry and not be stubborn.

the managing director interviewed me 2nd time and offered me a job letter and contract with 6months probation as see how it goes from there. so for now, i am accepting it and do what i do best, in the meantime I must also think about playing with rigs and plan for future again. since it's not predictable and keeps changing.

my working day starts on 1st october and i will just hope someone will be there to show me how things work around there in their studio. i met 2 supervisors, one indonesian and 1 m'sian used to be from go academy.

more updates later

Sunday, September 7, 2014

nz education roadshow

12 32 am

recently i was busy helping in the family bussiness of education in nz, my cousin asked for me to help photograph the event for 3 days, 3 different locations and 3 different times.

i also applied for places for 3d artist in different places, and thinking about whether consider a future in media design school as student again on find work.

for now i want to rest because i was busy doing photography event work for the family, something most photographer don't like to do but need to for income. i will post up the selected photos someday, next task 2moro is to upload all those photos in here and start organizing the folder