Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it's 7 41 am

I think I wake up too early today >.<
but i guess it's good for me

anyway I will upload work in progress for my animation here, I have done some spline to it

animation work in progress 03

my phone still not yet fix >.<

Saturday, November 26, 2011

new animation

8 36 am snells beach

today I have been working on my new lip sync animation for my reel, throw out more rubbish from my room and slowly pack my things, now I sien to do animation dy so I want to blog muahahahah!

i going to share my new lip sync here, below are the wip I show

animation progress 01

animation progress 02

diu, stupid blogger then let me show the video >.< hope visit the link is alrite ^
今天我做是新的lip sync我要放在reel 然后今天没什么东西做然后在房间清
谢谢你門看我 animation reel! 大家什么问题看帮我将发言 ^^

Friday, November 25, 2011

news updates

7 24 pm snells beach

it's saturday and I am doing my work at labs, just normal day again here, news is i received my letter from llifewat college and previous semester marks so I can scan and email later to mum and che and submit for immigration.

my animation reel is finish and later I have to burn it to dvd, wat else can I say? hm, or yah, I am packing my clothes slowly

later I will update on my new lip sync animation

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 more weeks

it's 1 19 pm at snells beach and I'm taking day off at lab typing stuff again hehe
got 3 interesting stuffs to share, and all of them are relly interesting

I saw them on facebook sharing, I think they wanna do marketing by using facebook but I dun relly care, I just concern about what they are showing.

below I have posted the trailer to 3 animated feature, pixar, blue sky and Weta digital, all 3 of them are working on 3 different types of animations, and relly interesting.

Pixar Animation "Brave" I dunno anythings about this movie, I just saw the trailer only

Blue sky studio latest animation trailer, Ice Age 4, damn funny hahah!!

Weta digital, Rin Tin Tin, this one is not trailer but is behind the scenes, I think weta is not happy about this got some people post their behind the scenes online, but is their own problem some tao tai haha

and finally this is my own post, this is link to my temporary animation reel, later I will post abit new animation for lip sync I done, after 3 weeks here have to move out again, diu I dun like to move things

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was watching some video in facebook and I saw this interesting video of a chinese national in India singing hindi song, I find this interesting, he's hindi is so strong and be sing very fluently!

I know I can only speak and understand Tamil but this guy is super awesome!

newest update is i will share a new character animation soon

Saturday, November 12, 2011

TOA - KL, Lifeway - New Zealand

11 46 am

now it's november jor, diu so fast! december coming soon
I remember last year i was at toa, for 2 years studying, now I am here still studying, and then now I am going to finish my studies soon.

but i want to ask the most important questions, what have I learned? have I changed? all this questions is very important as student study in different country.

last year I feel like shit because of what happen to me, this year I feel even more shit but I still grow up, so ask myself again, Tham Chien Yih, how have you change? did lifeway college change me? did new zealand change me? what change me?

i make new friends from different country and culture, I even think like different person, haha I am not typing so many time like before at toa, can simple type anything in this blog, got so much to talk about, alot to share, now I think about it, I got less to share, dun feel like want to talk about it.

I know that next year maybe different for me or it's the same, maybe it will be different after all. So tonite I want to sleep abit earlier because 2moro I will be doing my new dialogue ^^

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 12 pm snells beach, everyday here at lab 2, just doing my animation reel, diu. is like back at toa tat time every saturday oso have to work, good thing is only my last animation

i tot maybe this saturday want to go beach for awhile and relaxs a few hours, then come back to lab, so I got some plan now, finish my resume, and email to myself and then next week can print out my resume.

yesterday was febuary and now is november >.<

Sunday, November 6, 2011

interesting sharing

1 38 pm snells beach

just after lunch now, and I doing my animation reel, I think I want to finish my reel this month so next month I can focus on moving out, apply for job search visa and finish my reel properly. Haih please let me have my job search visa.

I also want to share some other stuffs from Blizzard, they present a game cinematic about Diablo 3, it's quite interesting how they did it from storytelling until finish product. below is the full CG Cinematic of Diablo 3(diu yes I have not play the game yet but still want to share it!)

and below here is the making of the Cinematic(hehe my favourite part)

today I will do my animation reel abit, after that I will do more personal animation work, I'm deciding that after finish studies at Lifeway I will send over to animation reel to those few companies

Saturday, November 5, 2011

yesterday kena stomache, vommit kao kao like shit, now today my stomach have alot of air inside and everytime need to release air, aiyor, diu hai wei

anyway 2day I did abit of animation reel work, but 2moro i have no choice but to do work

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

yesterday kena sick

yesterday when i was doing my work i started to feel umcomfortable, so i decide to go back my room and rest, alter I think I kena like air sickness, it's like you feel your body is not healthy and you later have to release air.

today I feel almost the same but not like yesterday night, haiyor this morning was like shit, macam sick kao kao. Anyway now I have 2 important things to do, I kena get some documents from lifeway for immigration and I kena move out to jun kor's place.

hopefully boleh capai or i habis cerita here.