Saturday, February 27, 2010


yesterday night was at mei che's wedding dinner, the feeling was awesome ! I haven't seen many relatives and other cousins for so long and after maybe like 10 long yearswe meet again. Jian, Kim, Bernie(my younger sister), Ping Sie and Sunny were all there.

eat alot and drank beer like a crazy fella XDXDXD and non stop yam seng XDXDXD, by the time I got back yesterday I'm surprised even with all the beer in my head I still can focus on doing my web work, wow some control there le. oh yea thanks to Jonathan for helping my slice my layout. now if only I can figure out how to work that stupid leg rig.

meanwhile I have to someday put up the photos of mei che's wedding

Friday, February 26, 2010


it's 7 43 am now in the morning, and i'm typing my blog out than not working on the last remaining concept art for teru, and I'm yelling at myself now for that, but I tot it wil be nice to put up some family photos after not doing that for so long.
has dinner with my mother's side of the family yesterday at Jaya One, everyone is in the photo except me, well duh! after all I'm taking the photos!

from left bi che, my niece chloe, and ah yi

from left Ma, ah por and kok foo
now I need to really finalize some concet art to be shown for presentation, and then buy leather shoes, argh ! and attend mei che's m'sian version wedding. no beauty for me T__T

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

18/02/2010 - Teru teru bozu

it's finals now, 4 or 5 more months to go
our group is now working on teru bozu for final, yes I'm one of the few responsible for concept art and the IP development, most of all I got a strong feeling I'm going to be helping with the modeling , texturing as well as rigging stage like alot.
this time is abit less pressure until we reach end of the pre production period, aih, pre production period is my favourite. anyway since we're a 4 person group might as well be able to produce something worthy. and now it's 4 30 am in the morning, jsut came back from gaming and yumcha with my high school buddy foo and younger brother veng soon, yea it's been awhile since some of the people from SS17 will sit down and yumha together, brings back alot of memories XD
I would be sleeping now but I decided to stay up till some concept art is done for teru world or I won't allow myself to rest, lol I leave the website and pitch for the rest of the day la. speaking of my website I had redesigned it twice because I didn't like the look, my web design skills always tells me it's the main menu that has the most impact and message other than my work(which is also crap).
the final now is still in early stage so, I have time to play aroudn with things and ideas, hopefulyl I can generate something tonight.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


hello, so it' already the new week, bloody hell! and cny is just this coming saturday, sigh anyway, what do I have to type about this week? it's simple, I was invited to rachel's church and karen's b'day, pretty awesome actually, been awhile or amybe sometime or maybe none at all toa ESPECially dg students have any outing like dis.

we meet with darren's sister and other former IL graduates, celebrated Karen's b'day and haha Karen's has darren's sense of humour XD. So we were at Pa Pa John's celebrating it and I decided to take out my phone and snap this photos to be put up in my blog, since I never relly update it at all, and showing how empty my life is haha.

from left, Rachel, er forgot her name and Karen

rachel, forgot her name O.O and Karen(the slighty cut of frame is Johnny Tai)

so what else is new? other than another new week, work to finish and datelines sigh, will need to plan well for my trip.