Thursday, December 31, 2015

a shitty year

12 16 am

here is what i have to say

I seriously had a very shitty year, so don't email to fk me over and tell me to grow up or get some counselling because nobody have any right to tell me that. i have been fked over many times and what i'm about to say does not make me feel any better.

1. nobody likes to be let go at the end of the year, nobody i know that feeling some ppl can accept it and are still happy but not me.
2. i don't like it when people decide to tell me i'm horrible at something and i'm horrible at it forever because people are seriously idiots if they ever say such things to people.
3. i'm going to lose money again but that is expected because i'm going overseas.
4. i want to be happy but unfortunately i will not celebrate the new years, there have been many thigns which are unfortunate last year and i caanot accept being happy at this moment.
5. to all my enemies out there, you might be laughing at me now, and want to fk me over so, i dare you to come right in front of me and try it, i promise that you guys are all foolish enough without thinking with your brain it will be yr last day alive, I'm not worried about going to jail.
6. i told myself once before that if there is one thing i always wanted to do that was to enjoy life the the fullest, i decided instead I want to live without any regrets.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

christmas eve

6 pm

well it's the eve of christmas and i have some fucked up news.

1. not a way to begin the new year but clazroom decided to fire me and not keep me as fulltime lecturer.
2. i have decided to go for my japan holliday for 1 week.
3. I also am going to send my new reel to huhu studios and the one academy for modeller and lecturer positions.
4. nothing else.