Friday, May 29, 2015

selset & cg

10 pm

okei, at home and after sometime I will update whats happening in my life.

1. it's been 3 months since I have involved in myself in the family bussiness and mostly i done is helping to pack brochures and school fairs and not even do any talking.
2. been re learning mel script again and quite difficult, but making my own custom script.
3. making progress on sector 2.

so above is the script i created, it's so far for personal use, i creating it just for modeling management purpose.

some works for sector 2

scout droid, 1st character i started to model

the alien with 4 legs

the city, in progress work

dropship, still need to finalize

so you see it's jsut a starting progress, not much yet, after finalizing the models I still need to create the UV's, do some texture passes then need to rig each of the characters and the ship, alot of work. when all this is ready nexr to to test for animatics.