Tuesday, September 21, 2010


4 am in the morning, after sometimenow not typing shitz in here I thought I will write something some point form updates.
1. was pissed mad few hours back before midnight today, so pissed I felt like murdering 2 ppl I knew and looking forward to making them suffer in the future, feel slike a plan of revenge for 26 year old. yeah back off and no need to tell me no
2. walked into the lab and realised I was so dead pissed that reason, that's the other few ppl to piss me off this year, hey you 2 fi you can read this I'm sure you fucking know by now I'm not forgetting this! whther we meet again or not!
3. so far still waiting for news from Lifeway college about my application meanwhile I can only try and complete my animation reel in time to send over.
4. graduation shud fall in november, my friends and seniors from toa will be there and they really want to see me there, half the feeling I won't be there the other half is screaming at me to go.
5. What kinf of person have I grown into thiis time of the year? good or bad? 2day's heroes can be 2moro's enemies and yesterday's bad guys turn into 2moro''s allies, train them to work with you and pray that someday they won't stab you in the back, "Colonel Sheppard", Modern Warfare 02.
6. my older sister looks forward to seeing me in nz that she had to sms me regularly? aiyor che ah, stop waisting yr sms because you feel so sien la, wanna talk to me come online in gmail la, rather than waist your credit.
so I have made future plans and I know I thatI can cary out only small portion, one of them is still be a better personm that's will change again in the future, the otheris a new principle in life I just adopted which makes me a bad ass smart ass bastard who will earn himself enemies oso but make himself seem liek h knows what he's doing.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Z Brush Central

Copyrights Z Brush Logo by Pixologic

1 29 pm I just woke up after napng early in the morning, so here is some updates, mom went off for mah jong game again and I'm at home working on my demoreel and learning stuff again as usual so I can slowly improve my skills. I decided to list down a fews things which I believe can make learning stuff in my field of work abit easier even if it sounds typical.

1. I came upon this site created by pixologic, the creators of z brush who who made out an online classroom to teach the basics of how to use z brush for a newbies, that means me XP, the site link is at http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom/ note that I only went through a few online videos and learned some of the basic controls and features, I have not fully covered every lesson by my guarantee is that it's easier than viewing youtube for me because the creators themselves are teaching how to use their own CG sculpting software.
2. reworking my walk cycle and hoping to finish the blocking plus soon, compiling all my animation work and digital artwork now, watever I have to be sent oner with my application, that includes submitting my IELTS form to IDP next week.
3. so wat else is new to me? no idea yet

Monday, September 6, 2010

back from our neighbour country

okei here's an update.

1. got back from singapoire yesterday with some high school friend and his younger brother, my 1nd time in singapore, we visited Universal Studios Singapore, stayed at YMCA hotel, meet someof his friends and relatives, bought some souvenier and now I'm back in m'sia.

2. try and finish up my animation test and did complete the blocking for the walk cycle. will try and post up photos on my trip soon.