Monday, September 26, 2011

next holiday

11 40 pm at snells beach

i am doing work at nightm maybe late work for my final project, i not sure what time would i be sleeping, let's hope it's not so late. but got something I will type about.

1. next month I am going to stay with che at wellington on working holliday
2. final project going on
3. I'm think I am going crazy with another problem
4. finish my short animation!

my final project is fine, I am doing it bit by bit, if I rush I will make mistake, so I will finish wat I can finish tonite and start wit animation blocking 2moro. the rest well move just smooth, another thing is, I'm have a feeling I might kao her

hm Zhang Lu Lu, 23 years old, from shenyang China, lifeway student at new zealand, my friend for 1/2 now and what else I know about her? well it's not easy to trust anyone, here I will upload photos of the girls I am closest to

taken somehere early this year

photo taken after Sem 1 holliday

photot aken at reunion party

haha can recent photo of her fooling around

Saturday, September 17, 2011




it's sunday
rite now I can't sleep because I sleep at 8 pm last night so I stay up until now to do some animation works, I have uploaded a piece of animation my classmate have asked me to help him test, so this is credit to him Nathan Chisholm, modelling and rig, animation is done by me

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reunion party photos

I now sharing the photos from lim sun reunion party, every month, or maybe every 2 months they invite friends, new international students and asians over for dinner, I sometimes come when I am invited, hm this time was different, friends from different place come together, suzan from huhu studios give birth to twins XD

sorry the pictures look so blur, I was not using my dslr





picture of some food XD


Suzan Su from Huhu Studios, Lu Lu Zhang from China


Lu Lu Zhang eating Crab XD, kawai ne XD


we all helping make the food


Lu Lu Zahng enjoying the crab XD

Sunday, September 11, 2011

character animation test

火曜日。今日はもっと animation testを作ります。本当に楽しい、私はずっと自分の animationをために アニメがぜたいがんばります!

  it's monday and today i got more animation test to do, its really amazing, after I do each test I understand the movement, I will complete my animation reel wit all my best!

as for today,I created some new animation test I will share later, then everyone can provide their feedback! thank you

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2011

hello is saturday, and i learn yesterday was the rugby world cup, it's oneof new zealand most popular sport. you can read about it here. the rugby world cup opening ceremony started at auckland city yesterday and alot of people went there, they also perform the Haka dance, it's a tradition done by maori people before they go to war.

i find it interesting to learn about different culture overseas. Anyway today there will be party at Lim Sun house, a reunion for the asian community, international students and friends, like family reunion. I will help make the dumplings to eat XD, and I will take photos

Sunday, September 4, 2011

character animation test

hallo! it's my final project rite now, and I can have time to share rigging test I did last week with a character I am using now, it's a ninja rig I did by myself, rite now I am doing the animation, a sneak walk piece of work. I will oso share the blendshape test here

blend shape

rigging test

sorry no frame count for this wan is just a rigging test to check the movement, next I will show frame count for animation test!

Friday, September 2, 2011


今晩 。自分のanimation reelを作ります。今は少しいアニメanimation testをできました。あとでねせたいす。でも今はほかのことをはなしますね。私の暗さ友達は氏名をはきっり言いました。かのじょうは Chrischurchからいらしゃいました。Isobelleちゃんの声がマーレャ人声もうたとられます。本当にすごいですね。

  じつは私はIsobelleちゃんに少しい好きいです。でもかのじょうは一人で好き。はい今は二つの物ができましたよう!今日はanimation testでblend shape testとanimation testもうできました!明日はにのせていたします!がんばります!そしてみんなさんのadviceをおねがいします。

well, it's nearly 11 pm, I was working on my animation reel whole day doing an animation test and completed small bits. abit later I will upload in my blog to share it. my classmate isobelle have seen my animation and she thinks it looks fine and says I shud upload it.

I only done a blend shape test with animation test to see for body moment, probably tomorrow i can uplaod more, I will try my best! after that everyone can give me their oppinions!