Sunday, August 23, 2015

upcoming interview and exam

3 58 pm

it's late afternoon and here there is some pretty new stuff happening.

1. exam happens to be next wednesday.
2. an interview as lecturer for nxt week.
3. working on my first mesh creation script in MEL.
4. bon odori happening in september.
5. deciding for my first holliday in 3 years.
6. bought a new downloadable content to play games in.

i've also been looking at Uni's in the future to do a Undergraduate in, example in 3 different places, US, Canada or NZ. US seems ot have Academy of Art University, Canada has more strenght in animation at the moment and NZ has a proper visual effects course. i'm not sure when i will apply but i known that in the future i will consider it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

life so far

11 30 am

life in reality,  more than 5 months in the family business and here's more updates. exam is coming soon and i am doing last  minute revision.
2. i  decided to go ahead with japan visit without waiting for yap.
3. decided to complete my animation no matter how ugly i think it looks.
4.  going to renew my gun membership at the club.
5. my cousin is starting her own business.
6. building my MEL ability, it's not great but i am still learning.

Friday, August 7, 2015

life so far

6 47 pm

here's latest update on how life is.

1. it's been more than 5 months since i started helping in the family bussiness, cannot believe i lasted this long, i helped 3rd time with the roadshow as both photographer, reception asistant and usherer.
2. i learned both eshan and I are arts background, he's learning illustrator and plans to enrol intu art university someday. title at Selset is factory worker, i do brochures labeling, inventory keeper, brochure keeper and admin.

this is my first life outside the animation industry, it's nothing big or small, it gives me purpose, i learn stuff to do with human resources, tax and income, studylinks and universities, study qualifications and more stuff to do with immgration advice for students. its not much different from the factory work in animation either but difference is i deal with more paper and get more exercise.

my japanese exam will happen real soon, just have to get ready for it.