Thursday, July 29, 2010


9 15 am in the morning, I was up since 10 am last night rushing some stuff for the final animation, until I got so dead bored working on it I decided to give myself a wee!!!! 3 hours break!! so here are next point from details, ya I damn lazy to write long essay blog.

1. head to the lab later and settle the last of the goddamn main character teeth and move unto to texturing the skin, try and settle it by tonight, probably pull all nighter till it's settled.

2. head to starbucks at night for some nice drinks, okeila, I cannot stand working on the damn week on the animation man, need some time off! but the only time off I get is when I'm not O2 jamming in front of my damn pc.

3. I re opened my walk cycle and created a new one, this is for my demoreel to lifeway college, I probably need a month for every animation I'm sending to them.

4. I need a nice holliday after this final, I wanna go on a trip to NZ wee!!!!!! yea so much for promising myself stuff when in the end I might not get it (sigh......)

5. che is returning soon and I wanna spend more time with family these few weeks,MORE FAMILY TIME!

end of blog

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


the normal map render in maya, work in progress
lower mesh front 3/4 view
high res mesh in back 3/4 view
high res mesh front 3/4 view

it's 5 39 am in the morning, and I'm typing out this morning blog, alright straight simple ppint form wats going on.

1. it's 29th July, I planned to be done with some texturing work but it seems i'm abit stuck on that now.

2. i'm attending Pixar Masterclass aniamtion next tuesday and wednesday so this week wrapped up alot of work to make up for next week. plans for this weekend is to have the whole body texture completed other than the mouth and teeth.

3. this week I learned something new which the CG field has been teaching for very long time in games development and maybe CG animation pipeline, it's called "Normal/displacement mapping" for game characters or environments. late in 2007 I was asked by Cheng Fei in Igloo if I knew anything about sculpting and working in zbrush, I said I didn't know anything, early 2008 in big red, my 3d department head in Big Red Sdn Bhd introduced Z brush to me, and I simple scuplted without knowing what i was doing, 2009 July z brush was introduced to my class in dg 78, I never worked on it and have no knowledge, now currently 2010, I find myself working on it, scuplting and producing normal maps on it and making sure they can't function on my character in my animation. Well, I learned it kind of late but at least I know what I am doing now.

I never imagine myself only now doing digital scuplting, I guess only time and learning would tell me when I am ready to learn something. Now I just ask myself, do any dudes in TVC are aware of such things like dis or only games development? ask them yourself or it just prove that only m'sians involved in this field, well some of them are just way too cheap to get anything worthy.

Monday, July 26, 2010


27th July 6 54 am in the morning, I had breakfasta moment ago, and now I'm home typing this out while I make a few major plans. so here's another write list.
1. Lifeway College has responded by giving me a enrolment application form to their college, mom's said she has signed a contract with them so help send students there to study, I will be the 1st to go there and complete my studies specializing in character animation, this wll happen after my final and when my demoreel is ready.
2. KFC offered us to work at Codemasters, funny, i tot the expectation is so high that even no one can get it. screw it la, I plan to get my PR in new zealand 1st then I will contact KFC providing that I cannot find employment in new zealand or Ubisoft in singpore.
3. Starcraft 2 should be out today i stores if not maybe abit later, shud I get the game or not? I quit gaming since early this year.
4. I been relly tired last week and this week and damn slow but still making some progress, worked the finals and try my hardest to finish it before graduating.
5. 2 years studying at the one almost over, so I ask myself again, chien, since day 1 you arrived at the one, have you learned anything? after leaving big red eve if sometimes some of the lecturers and the pissed you off? the answer is yes, I did learn somethign here to be fair and square and most of all being honest to myself and them.
6. I plan maybe not to attend graduation night because I wanna focus on my demoreel right after that, so by January I can have demoreel sent of to lifeway college for assessment. now I'm in my middle 20's, ppl complain about being old but honestly, I dun feel old at all lol, until I reach 60 then I can say I feel old XD
nothing else to write about

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


tuesday - 2 24 am, i'm wide awake and warming up my mind to ready work later into the night. and here I am thinking to myself this

I'm honest with myself, I have nothing to hide, I have the right to keep secrets. I can prove my point if I'm so damn sure of myself, I have a direction to follow that most poeple take forever to decide or even plan. What can even say is this.

I am who I am, I'm ordinary person who doesn't know how to make demands but should have his own sollution sometimes. Also, do other people understand whay being a person is? and growing up? do they? or do they just know about the word growing up and not understand what it means?

if you feel you understood what growing up means, pls think again, it takes more than half your lifetime to even understand grown ups and even grown ups themselves take long time to understand growing up means.

I felt that growing up is part of life and someone has to experience growth in life to understand it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


it's 4 05 am in the morning, and I just completed testing half the character rig of the arm and hands for andrea wan xiu ling(andrea's dream main character), lanjiao, this is my 1st rigging gig so spare me all the pro rigging comments kei? I know what the pro expectation is like.

missed bon odori yesterday when I tot some dude needed help with his work turns out he KO-ed after doign work whole day. but look at the good outcome, I did some small work and made small progress.

my exp so far with rookie character rigging
1. why the fuck can't I do any of that rigging on my laptop?? it just screws up everything while on my pc everything works like wonders! ma cau hai!
2. great not to forget the shit amount of time I got to put in for paint weight and blend shapes.
3. No one fucking compare me to Jonathan Chong you hear? I know he's a pro rigger, but you all still have no right!

gee I hope I learn something out of this

I really look forward to some time away from work on sunday because I been at toa the whole fucking week. In fact I relly need time away from work, it's been fucking me like in the head for awhile now and I relly feel sien staring at the goddamn screen now the time. probably spend some ice blended drinks at starbucks while sketching away on sunday XD.

thinking of getting the dvd for toy story 3 and just enjoy storytelling, and animation without having to think about it and work on it the whole damn fucking day! MUAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's 10 45 pm in the evening, here I am just installed the new scanner mom bought, correction, printer scanner that prints black and white, how convinient, now what about my old scanner? that I kept since 2000 something? can't remember but I plan to donate it to a orphanage where it serves it purpose to those children who could use it XD

I like charity relly, if no one likes old stuff then it could be given to the orphanage where the younger generation could learn to use these things and and then has a reason and they can benefit.

I shud relly consider donating what I don't need to charity, I at least know that others could use things as well. as for today I returned to the lab to do work because I can never do work at home, think of it as making small progress, I will post up wip of the main character shortly. in the meantime, Bon Odori is this saturday at 5pm, I will be going if I can uv unwrap in time.

sheena and jia yung are confirmed off to UK in september, I agreed to let go them, let's hope hooi ling will relly monitor and help me out while they both overseas while I'm still here. so while doing the animation blocking/animation, I can rework my walk cycle, personality walk and baseball pitch for my new demoreel.

despite the fact that I am not convinient with the idea you both are going UK but honestly speakign after spending 2 whole years studying with you both in dg I relly feel I will miss you both XD

Friday, July 9, 2010


today was another busy day, photography shooting for our graduation book of pixels 78, minor fund raising work and back to my final project.
now further update on wats going on in my life here. we:re about 1 month away from finishing this final term and graduatin should be sometime in november or december, trying to complete the final project but seems the game plan has changed.
1. both jia yung and sheena desperate for their fucking grades to go UK and I:m forced to work my ass like shit, I reminded them that they are pushing the dateline too fast and skipping alot of important things and they remain ignorant. tell me is these how the cg line works? rushin work without any plan?
2. without any choice I:m testing a leg rigging tonight to see if things work out for just minor animation.
3. I maybe the only person left to finish the animation and get his head up his own arse to deal with technical issue in 3d animation line here. somehow I wished I foresaw this earlier
4. looks like i have to delay my demoreel again for the sake of their goddamn grades, I just wonder why the fuck they wanna rush? I:m not in any hurry myself, hope we pass this goddamn thing I:m scolding them both really good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


it's 4 45 am in the morning and I fresh and fully energized, around 5 am I will be out to get breakfast for both me and mom, today I will be painting something for the graduation exhibition about half the day then I can move unto to opening UV maps for andrea wan.

lol I hate to even bother starting my morning's with any work but wat to do, work is work and play is play.I will probably attend gaming tournament today for awhile before I go back to painting, therefore I decided to reuse my speed paintings and just finish them.

case 2, esther spoke with me lately about her and her bf, feel quite sorry for her because she's such a good gal and she was afraid no one wants her. I'll be there if you need me gal, no worries

case 3, I plan to work on my demoreel again after graduation campaign and exhibition is over when this whole bloody term is over so I can focus on my animation skills and also further plan my future ahead.

Monday, July 5, 2010


it 4:43 am in the morning and I'm fully awake after spending a whole night, almost a whole night sleeping after contributing some photography effort to viral campaign, the making of photos, better than nothing at least.

i will put op the photos someday, plan to get a muffin later for breakfast.

just read the star online news articles and some parts of it made me think abit more about my future and some parts of it made me feel so annoyed and pissed about what is wrong with m'sia today, and it's so early in the morning and I want to write stuff like dis already, nvm I will just put up links and the whole world can just read this stuff out from the source.

this a link about retirement for civil servants in concerninig between age 50 - 60, mostly covering civil servants, I just wonder, what the hell about the citizens? do we not matter? probably as usual we fight for our own-

a link about a young boy that survived a car accident yet was runned over by a car in attempt? this news is abit odd but it damn annoys me about what m'sia is really becoming - although I was hoping we can stay and finish it together as a group but if you both relly need to go pls go ahead.

off to buy muffins later and more uv wraps

as for more updates, both group members jia yung and sheena have confirmed with me that they are leaving for teeside in september, not sure when in september but they plan to rush everything and fly there but I will stay and complete the trailer and the full animation

Saturday, July 3, 2010


1:29 am in the morning, i'm painting as usual to prepare some things for graduation exhibition, 1 painting and thinking of putting in the marine since it's one of the few cg character I have. I'm working on a piece of architecture, now idea why I'm into painting landscape and architecture work lately.
well some news came in telling me I has been replaced as cameraman for the viral campaign by MM department ppl who considers themselves pros in their job, oh well , you got no argument from me because I am not know you neither am I close to you as long as I can still do my job.
I think I rather focus on the final project and re do my demoreel so I can consider sending my my application maybe somewhere in august or september or maybe delay till december.
and wei, you toa fellas like students to show quantity of work to prove your producing alot of good graduates izzit? mcb, i rather show 1 or 2 peices rather than show my entire goddamn piece of work man, hasn't the industry taught even tatsun anything while runing his own fucking art college? mccb
said and done I'm returning to my painting zone