Tuesday, July 20, 2010


tuesday - 2 24 am, i'm wide awake and warming up my mind to ready work later into the night. and here I am thinking to myself this

I'm honest with myself, I have nothing to hide, I have the right to keep secrets. I can prove my point if I'm so damn sure of myself, I have a direction to follow that most poeple take forever to decide or even plan. What can even say is this.

I am who I am, I'm ordinary person who doesn't know how to make demands but should have his own sollution sometimes. Also, do other people understand whay being a person is? and growing up? do they? or do they just know about the word growing up and not understand what it means?

if you feel you understood what growing up means, pls think again, it takes more than half your lifetime to even understand grown ups and even grown ups themselves take long time to understand growing up means.

I felt that growing up is part of life and someone has to experience growth in life to understand it.

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