Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it's the 1st of september, and merdeka is way past, nothing special, but here are some updates.

1. 1st animation test for koi fish is completed, onwards to 2nd test. Still got a few more other stuff to refine and recreate my demoreel.

2. am visiting IDP today to get some small info on IELTS, bout damn time already, I forgot wat that stupid paper is like.

I just realised 1 thing, after so many years, not sure how to put it but I'm just goign to type this out like it's riddles.

"When other see you as stupid, you're becoming more adapt and getting better at making decisions, when other see themselves very capable of doing alot of things, they actually display horrible capability and lousy attitude, but you show who you really are, when others think damn highly of themself and they are doing a great job, in fact they have no idea what they are getting themselves into, we know the risk we are taking and are prepared. When others tell us we don't know what we are doing, they say we did the worse job ever, in fact we know ourselves like we know our hand and e are actually building our self confidence when others just jump into some hellhole", when others talk to us like they know the whole damn world, they hardly know where they actually been and are just freaking kiasu". When others say you hardly make a good friend, in fact they understand shit about friendship".

damn long line eh? well just a few more things I learned in life and will catch more

Sunday, August 29, 2010


1 02 am, midnight and I'm typing out some crap here on any update

1. played starcraft 2 , pirated version , got my pc man to install the game for me lol, and finally finiahed it, I paid Rm 1358 for a new graphics card and upgraded my monitor to samsung HDMI 14" to 22".

the story meets up to it's name, it felt alive the cinematagraphy is indeed good, without thew use of much v tech. oi James Cameron, learn something from blizzard man you hear? you're like a punk amatuer relying too MUCH on CG technology.

I also liked the OST, Original game Score, well orchestrated to fit the story and the flow. they made it epic with just something simple.

if there's something that can be learned from Starcraft 2, well the storytelling wise , use of Cinematography and it's simplicity really give them effort, they still make it look epic on screen. For just neutral point of view, the game idea and story can sell XD

2. been working on my animation test lately for a fish, will make it into a short animation soon when i got my full set design and storyboard laid out now it's just a rough one.

3. Going to Singapore next friday for a 2 nights 3 day visit with Foo and yohan and veng soon XD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


9 37 am, just been reading up online news lately, and the latest highlights I read really made me felt abit sorry after I read the article with the link here http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/8/25/nation/6914126&sec=nation

I actually felt sorry for this people that were forced to do begging here even if I felt that they were stupid enough to fall for any small syndicate tricks. why I felt sorry for them was not because they made a stupid decision, it was because some of them were in their late 40's, 50's or maybe near 80's and they arrived in m'sia under false visa's and documents, stripped off what they own, dress in rags like they don't even have any dignity in them and had to beg in m'sia just survive their hard time here.

Some of them have probably been very poor before in their own country that they have to do the same thing here, how would you feel if you went to either rich or poor country and still see yourself begging? it's feels so fucked up right? especially when you're all grown up, your limbs are still able to move, still able to open your mouth to speak and still have the ability to produce electric impulse in the brain and yet allowed such a thing like this to happened to themselves? it's just so fucked up and sad!

normally I would not be bothered bout this matters until it exploded like a nuclear bomb in the star online, starting from bangladesh, pakistan and then finally Chinese nationals from china that landed here claiming they had lucrative job offers! jesus come on la! do you even think a m'sian will fall for that kind of trick? we already have got enough fucking syndicates in this country and cheats that we should not be stupid enough to fall for something like this.

So far this news seem to just makes me feel sad that m'sia has turned into a begging opportunity ground for Indian,Pakistan, Bangladesh and surprisingly Chinese Nationals, so who the hell else is interested in begging in M'sia??! or are you really that poor and stupid as well as physically and mentally uncapable of handling yourself and your life that you got to allow yourselves to let the syndicates control your life and force you to beg that you can't think for your own? fine it's your body! but humans didn't exist in this world for no damn reason! we have brain and body that makes us capable of certain things so for fuck sakes! fucking use it!

next update, the fish character rigging is almost complete with the front 2 tentacle things left to paint weight with final checking before I consider making sketches for pose study. more updates soon XD

Sunday, August 22, 2010


8 25 pm, now after sleeping the whole day because of my muscle pain and soarthroat, urgh, now I just need some water and panadol to keep my throat under control.

so here's some update.

1. installed Open Office org 3.2 on my laptop, it's free source so I shud be able to fully use it to type out any documents and change my resume from time to time or even write out out ideas for stories. conditional part is that I have t install Java on my damn laptop 1st then onyl I can use open office, anyway, might as well make copies to my ext hd just in case I need it for future use without dl ing it again.

2. going to continue with character rigging tonight of the koi fish then I can do some playblast 2moro to see how the movement fels and looks like, that make more changes later.

3. Made arrangements to go down to Singapore wit foo and yohan on 3rd september for 3 days and 2 nights, at least we get to do some window shopping there, 1st time we 3 ever gone on vacation.

4. Going to meet up with a friend 2moro, haven't spokoen to him in like 2 months. collect my semester reports and upgrade my AMD 64 Athlon 3d card and monitor as well as obtain a Starcraft 2 from Jian, hopefully I can still make my new demoreel while playing starcraft 2.

Friday, August 20, 2010


it's 4 46 pm and here I am typing more updates

1. kena singkirkan for real but it's small problem for me, now I'm getting my semester reports and demoreel to be sent over to new zealand.

2. reconnect with some old industry friends that are not only skilled at their jobs bt really nice ppl to talk to and work with.

3. do more reading on industry articles to build my understading rather than assume I know everthing, it's always better to start learning from somewhere.

4. make my new animated short that probably has no title other than a rig and re make my demoreel.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


5 33pm, I'm at home typing my blog out, and here I am, making a last few updates.

1. recently transferred out all the pictures from pixar masterclass and por's b'day.
2. kena singkirkan today and decided not to deal with friends who don't deserve to be collagues or junior staff in the future.
3. I'm decided to put my future plan for lifeway college into motion and work my demoreel.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Por's B'day

2 50 am at night, here is some updates

1. just got back from penang with mom, takign a short break after eating and a shower, will turn on mny work later and make up for lost time again for rasierblair.
2. took lotsa photos during por's b'day, will uplaod the pixar and por's b'day photos soon.
3. planning to go to lab 2moro to continue my character rigging job, I did say I didn't want to return to toa to do much work
4. wanna rest mroe before I continue.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


koi fish character rigging plus with all controllers added + IK handles

12 09 am, here I am satying up late night to blog on some new updates.

1. I attended the 2 day master class pixar seminar for pro's and students, paid RM 350 hoping it wasn't a waist, well yes and no, but I still learned something, met everyone I can remember from the industry to students. pixel post, beam animation, big red and a few others were there

2. staying up late to settle my character rigging for the fish character, pasted in here is my character rigging work in progress of the fish and the ctrls I design for it. it's not a good rig I know but it's what I can do from here, at the moment, doing the paint weight T___T

3. meeting kfc 2moro to do work at his studio, I just hope he will be at toa 2moro and if he does send me back to toa man

4. por's b'day coming up this saturday and I will bring doing photography for the family, it's considered my b'day present to my grandmother XD

5. jia yung, sheena, wat happened? why so long the silence? why has communication stopped??

Saturday, August 7, 2010


12 57 am, and here is some updates for midnight

1.che is back from wellington 4 por's b'day XD.
2. suddenly I am damn lazy to type another damn word for this blog
3. good night

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Koi Fish rig plus

Rigging Plus progress for Koi Koi with 1 body control and 2 more ctlrs to add

6 27 am in the morning, slept earlt again and woek up early again. and I can't believe I started my morning by just doing work, kanasai.

here's a pointy update.

1. Pixar master class seminar coming up next week on tuesday and wednesday, ponteng work!
2. exhibtion falls on 17th of August and end around 3/09/2010 according to our president
3. I might go back to the lab 2day for work, hey! maybe I won't
4. che is returning on the 7th of this month, look forward to fetching her, and no pls no house work this month now, I just vacummed the house only T___T
5. Hooi Ling, our CG supervisor appeared in Star News paper today XD

planing to take at least 3 weeks of after september to refresh my energy level, fucking hell, dun tell me a CG artist life is filled with and non stop running wheel even if there's excitement

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

rasier blair work

placements of ctrls, ploe vector and joints

11 37 am, at home testing the rig for the fish, to both jia yung and sheena, note that this is only the placement for the joints so far, i haven't done anything like bind skin yet or paint weight, I will be doing that today and probably email you both the rigging test by tonight to see how it looks.

I could only grab small refference for the fish rig, I will tyr and find more if I can


the texturing for the fish is done, with 1 last touch up

it 5 20 am in the morning, Ibloody hell just woke up, today here's some new updates.

1. rasierblair has moved unto character rigging, hurray! we're now fully rigging all characters, I'm by instinct feel I'm rigging the 3rd character that is the fish modelled by and texture by jia yung. so you can say 3 days straightis just rigging work, after I settle some small parts of the texturing.

2. this saturday hopefully we are talking now

Monday, August 2, 2010


11:11 am and im in the lab again, sigh, last week saturday I suspected something which annoyed me that atually happened to me, without being said to me directly, I kena singkirkan by groupmates.

it might just be me but I wil have to found out 1st. meanwhile I'm considering doing a small part of the final project if I really am kena singirkan by them both, watever their reason is, while at that I will rework my animation principles and conceptual skills whie contributing to the final.

anyway, my next job is the koi fish in "andrea's dream, I will upload the photo soon XD