Sunday, December 27, 2009


it about 4 days before new years countdown and 2009 is passing by in the blink on an eye. I have not written anything for but I guess I can keep something down for record.

I celebrated christmas eve with my family on 25th december like I always do, ugh turning 26 next year, the sad thing about age is I get slower reflexes all the time.

manage to meet up with all ICLS friends before we parted again, some lecturers and tutors that taught me before, and then back to work lol.

this year I'm self studying the japanese language on my own because of lack of time, until I can sort that out I will remain self study, as for work well, I recently learned about Animation mentor where my lecturers have been getting their online lessons from some industry people overseas, mostly from U.S because yes, animation there is as popular, guess what they actually doing while the students wait for their lecturers to come out? haha

at home I keep artbooks like massive black(my favourite T____T) Terminator 4 Salvation, Star Wars revenge of the sith, vampire hunter D, expose and concep design books to learn more on what makes this art students before me so good at their jobs. I'm going to find more books that will teach me more, the one's I'm looking are 1)Starcraft 2(MUST SEE) 2)Diablo 3 3)Warcraft art book if the film is coming out.

revising my lessons in concept art 01 and take the lessons learn more in depth, I actually can handle traditional artwork better than technical suprisingly.

and the future plans for 2010 are in end of march are going to new zealand again to visit che for 3 weeks and enjoy myself again XD, work on finals and strenghthen my basics so I can push to advance level.

now the smallest part is, I have a few targets that will be my gf someday XD, yes that's for anyone who's still in touch with me reading this to find out XDXDXD