Wednesday, August 31, 2011


haha is september dy! feel so tao lan!
febuary was like yesterday and today is september...

so much happen, 2moro I will have to cari christine, pasal accomodation, ah, I bet I kena pindah or have to clean up my room.

hm i still working on animation reel, did my modeling job for environment, now modeling clothes for character, hopefully next week wednesday can do animation test XD, I will share some stuff here soon.

3 more month here left, do the animation reel properly

今は九月です!でもまだ何もしませんから。明日もchristineさんに会えて。へやのことを操短したり。話したりします。たぶん新しいへやへ行きますね。今はから新しいanimation reelをよていです。もうあとで自分のanimation reelをみせていたします。


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!



Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia 2011!!

I olmost forgot today, it's Merdeka! I won't forget, I forget my problems and think about the history until today, it's malaysia birthday! adui I tak ada holliday lanjiao but I am still happy about this day!

make me miss malaysia, KL, subang jaya, pj, friends, family, cousins, home food arh!!
my plan tell u wat, if can get the graduate work visa and move out in december, I will go back to kl with kar che and visit home! see everyone again! XD

Monday, August 29, 2011

evening work

10 54 pm now at snells beach, but is 7 pm at KL, subang jaya, I sleep for abit before continue work, maybe work until 12 am then sleep again

i got some new works to show mostly for my new animation reel, haha i think it's my only final project gua, happy to share it here and learn somethings, diu youtube take so long upload things, at least streamyz faster than the line here, lanjiao, feel like turtle speed.

below is the video, alrite lar, after that I go masak noodle to makan, 11 pm and already hungry liao

later update so more lar, rite now lazy to do so many thingz

Sunday, August 28, 2011


2 34 pm, I eat lunch halfway then I stop eating, no mood sial

final project already here and I kena submit work every friday? okei arh, got time to do work and show work get critique not like one academy that time wei, dateline crazy kao kao, everyday kena show something, wah sai, sure tired

today I show something different, is already macam 1/2 year I stay at snells beach, and 1/2 year I live and study kat new zealand, life here is different then KL, the kiwi I met are friendly and open minded, they are nice ppl, I think about living here so far from home, life so different, have to learn and practise english, talk to kiwi, wow abit different until must crack head to understand them.

but that wan all can settle lah! I decided to share part of my life as student here wit some of my close friend as lifeway college, the nice wan, crazy wan and good one XD

left, Me and Lu Lu, middle, Taka san and Edward, right me and andreas rodriguez

me and lu lu, somewhere at March 2011 or febuary, aiyah tak ingat!

me and lu lu Augost!

half year dy ever since come here to study feel like forever! below is artwork for final project, concept artwork, enviroment art, and my latest lip sync all work in progress, the idea is the ninja will masuk the house and kill a samurai.

last picture, i miss home, I so far away didn't see home for 1/2 year, is goign to be full year so I need something from home



Saturday, August 20, 2011


8 11 pm, snells beach, feel sick today, dunno how I oso become sick, but that's small part, I am preparing some small stuff for next week, submit my reel.

but for now, I will show something else, it's an animation for my specialization, a dialogue from animation entangled.

cannot share alot this evening because I still feel sick and tired, later I will upload and share more stuff

Monday, August 15, 2011

4 more months left

10 30 pm, Snells Beach, Rodney, I'm doing night work and typing this shitty blog, I shud be doing my final, but I got bad headache. I have 3 weeks for animation specialization and I have to say, I am learning something from my tutor Matt who was from Freelance animation school, he taught about abotu things in animation you never learn before, my previous lecturer in TOA was relyl stupid and never knew about this stuff, he was relly biased tat's why no one like him, piece of idiot.

i never improve in animation at toa because that tutor was biased and he was total fail for teacher, but matt is good tutor, we respect him and get his advice, and everyone seem to enjoying the acting lesson and animation so far.

I will share what I learn during my study wit matt, he give us each a dialogue from the animation er cannot remember the name and he study the dialgoue and animate in our way. this was my animation. I have to say I have learning graph wit this dialogue because matt know how to show me the way.

now I have to focus on new animation dialogue, from the animation "entangled", I will try my best

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sand art

i saw this video on youtube, draw the 3 brothers from 3 kingdoms using sand art on glass. the person did it interesting way, I might try it someday. as for updates, I'm now in 2nd week for specialization

Friday, August 5, 2011

lifeway , School of Media, Specialization

11 40 pm, Snells Beach Lifeway campus

since I came back on saturday afternoon I will staying at campus to focus on my specialization and final project. damn I feel so lanjiao to come back here. bloody campus, bloody programme leader and bloody hell arrogant the some of the students.

good news is I can specialize in animation already, yes, character animation this first week they gave us 2 tutors, 1 tutor for character modeling the other tutor for character animation. the problem was in the morning classes I have to model characters, afternoon classes I have character animation, good thing they dun want complete model with textures and finished render.

stupid Sean Castle, he relly doesn't know this field damn lanjiao, but I decided to save that for later, I will have to focus on specialization and final. 1 week so far but I feel I am learning something, like I was learning lighting texturing and rendering. I will post up some character animation later. Also the good news is, my tutor for animation he's name is Matt, contact Oktobor Animation since got ppl wanan specialize, said we will take a test at oktobor if we applying to go there. So I was thinking, since me and my classmate markus are going into character animation, y dun we both flat at same apartment at auckland city? the rent will be cheaper like dat and it's easier for us, if we both finished our test and masuk oktobor XD.

this is one damn long blog haha! anyway the new intake have so far 4 students, and they feel well, abit weird, this year is defijnitely damn char for them, 1 taiwanese PR and 1 international studentz.