Friday, September 28, 2012

Jalan Jalan take photo

hi it's 5:07 am and I'm also updating

was working on my stuff for my reel then i realise i got headache so i decided i will continue working on it at afternoon instead. around 2:30 pm like normal time, this time just reading news and update my blog. only new stuff is i drive back to damansara area and take photo of the place where i work before.

on the way to Damansara Perdana

the company I used to work at before Pixel Post, this is their new office

view from the outside the studio

Sunway Pyramid after i got back

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tears of Steel, Live Action CG

Hi everyone, just want to share something from Blender foundation, same people who created Sintel, this is their new released project, it's relly good i think, maybe I can share abit of the story,  it's in the future and it's about 2 friends.  the concept is about machines and a world that is destroyed and taken over by humans who made machines, one of the friends who return to a time to to meet his other frend to saver her and the earth.

as for other news I updating wat i am currently doing, my new showreel to send to local companies here if RnH does not reply to me.

Seoul surprise

check out this link, some south korean pretty girl made video of herself dancing and is famous in chinese internet here is the link, no idea why but she look kind of pretty tats y i post this shit in middle of the night. 2moro work on my reel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

shila Amzah

its 6 35 am in the morning and i wants to share something about malaysias singing talents, Shila Amzah sang a  Rhianna song at Asia Wave 2012m quite good voice and sang a mandarin song, i'm impress, I normally know most bumi's know hokkien and a few know mandarin.

it's worth talking about Malaysia singing talents this time, I hope this year and next more talents will appear

Rhythm and Hues

hello it's 7 pm at evening time and I just submitted my animation test to them only, all completed 3 test, now am maybe going to wait for any reply, meanwhile i just share lah my test

1st test

2nd test

3rd test

wel i think today I will just play AC brotherhood and keep searching for freelance/fulltime jobs

Sunday, September 23, 2012


it's 6 39 am in the morning and I got some updates

I been reading my own blog here from all those past years and i no idea i come so far, i studied and work locally here, i then went overseas for 1 1/2 year and now I am back. i had a plan to stay there but i am still back, except not same like before.

i can say 3 things,  1. i was learning to be responsible, trying to take care of myself in foreign country  2. learn different way to work and think  3.  see what i have learn and how I can try solve problems. Now i'm like wat, 28 years old, I'm almost 30 years old now haih. Well i'm back here applying for jobs locally and also gotten to do a animation test at RnH, good news is I roughly finished it, now I got today and 2moro to refine it. there are somethings I want to share more here, i rarely share it

i'm an artist by profession and i am learning art from life experience, it's both good and bad but it taught me something, I'm not relly afraid to try things anymore, it's about if I am interested annot I also learn to accept somethings they way there are and i also try to understand how they work, I also would like to change things. i'm thinking of the future ahead too, do I want to stay working for ppl forever? or do I want to be a boss? or shud I think about working wit partners who I can trust? partners wit similar experience of mine and  relly know what they are doing.

so here I am now 28 years old and thinking like 10 - 20 years in front, stabile job and money, financial security, future, brains, investment and secure life, other than personal life, learning skill, responsibility and focus of becoming an artist.

some friends that I knew before have moved on to be lecturer, head of animation department, running their own company sick and tired of today boss(as for me, I think we, the younger generation can do better than them, we can be better than them) some quit life of an artist and some stay as artist but prefer to be follower. Then I also remember wat my senior said to me "chien yih, why don't you try to be a leader?" and i was like hm... not sure yet man, not the time and very risky, if you want to be leader there's alot to learn, hm, he said if he were to invite me to join his company someday I wud try avoids make same mistake again, you know something? i am starting to understand that he said to me

and I'm learning slowly how to do that slow, I'm not sure how but I found a way and I'm glad I did, I'm going to stick to it, i found my next goal, learning to slowly avoid the same mistakes I have about industry people and I'm going to learn my craft better than before, while I learn also how a person can actually do things they never sure about. Hm so before i finish this blog I'm going to actually announce some plans, i will find myself a job to support myself since i back here and then in maybe 2 and more years i will visit overseas again for holliday, after that i will see wat happens after that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

streamyz, animation test and progress

hello its 3 46 am in the morning and i'm got my streamyz back, here are some new updates

i got my call from someone called siew lai chin from RnH last week and had informal interview from there on the phone, we talked nearly 25 mins on the phone, shortly after then she passed some maya and intrustion files to me so I can settle the animation test, so far 2 down and 1 more to go.

so far reason i got steamyz back is to apply for other jobs online in case this wan fails, alrite, I need to get back to my test soon to make up for lost time because i didn;t feel well yesterday, will finish up my blocking today and hopefully can spline today. maybe today i can share some progress or after I finish all the 3 test I can share the progress here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

KL style

hello, it's 10:12 pm at evening and i'm sharing this stuff previously share before, everyone around the world finally doing flash mob on gangnam style.

this wan i will share because it's about KL style, is done by our locals, not relyl my favourite leh but worth sharing because, everyone seems having fun and also i think about i local talents who are brave to come out and show their potential.

another news is in maybe few days time i will email to siew lai chin my number ady so she can call me for a test


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Penang to Subang

hello its 12 41 am in penang, i'm collecting pictures from my d slr and rename them so later next day can email them to my cousin who is waiting for the photos

so meanwhile, i can update new photos in my blog

Por Pors 90th b'day, with Lek foo and chow shou yen my cousin

ah yee giving b'day cake to por por

the whole family, i'm taking the photo

me and por por

haha DURIAN!! XD

my ah yee and my niece Chloe

outside pors house at Lengkok york

pors house

other side outside at pors house

Yong family

more photos to come just need be patient