Monday, January 30, 2012

72 Nelson street

hello, 3:33 pm in library now, with isaac and ryan in a flat together, so far we suvive 1 day and 1 night together, see how we can survive 1 week together.

hm I going to check when I can get my visa to work any job here, maybe 2moro I check vofafone for internet connection, see if got enough money if not I have to come auckland library leh

this time I use less internet and I will have to budget my money alot leh. after tat maybe do some personal work, I dunno

Sunday, January 29, 2012

72 nelson street

2moro for 1st time am going to flat with ryan and isaac. i have to pack my thing, move to my new room, put my ang pow money into my bank account and then, have to call isaac and also help him move.

1 thing is. i sense I won't last after april, maybe move out at june, because maybe 1 year cannot find job here. both lar cannot pay rent and cannot find job oso.

i will try and keep spending less, only important things, I will find myself normal job and keep that job until can find animation job, last choice I fly back to KL

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


2 33 pm
i got news that immigration new zealand have my application form dy, and they tell me to wait at least 25 working days. So next is I wonder if I get my visa or just my passport back

watever happen, I think tat I will try get normal job if I can get my visa or, if get no visa, I will fly back to KL and work loh, anyway, around 5 pm later got to go back to city again, mcb arh

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mike Monteiro, FUCK YOU PAY ME

3 30 pm, I was at cgtalk website and then I saw this article about working in my own industry, general topic aboutart & design and then designer working with client, the old stuff i experience before at KL when client got into any trouble and give stupid reason dun wan pay your salary.

i will provide link here, alot of this case oso happen at KL when I was working in advertising, other than OT for no reason and disrespect from my boss(small problem) but main problem is client never pay the designer.

whoever this person is, he relly make the priority for us because he knows we are working people who oso work for money, not just client

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

is 3 26 pm at afternoon, just come back from cny shopping, is friday and tonight I think I will maybe cook something.

1st thing I want share is thing happen back at KL, this wan relly cool, is the lion dance, i saw maybe look like sunway there.

another wan is resident evil 6, i just seen the trailer only, not sure about it yet, all the resident evil game oso i never play because boh ps3.

erm last news arh is I yesterday submit jor my visa application, so either my passport come back to me only loh.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

good news

11 17 pm

I contacted christine to ask for my final transcipts and letter for immigration yesterday and I receive it today, wow it's a surprise! and there relly is 2 copies!

2moro ryan bringing me to photostat those papers and justice of piece so I can certify passport, student visa, finals transcript and letter of completion 2moro, mum have transfer some small money to my bank account so I can at least try apply the job search visa.

maybe when afta I check got money arrive I can take bus to ASB bank at new market and then print bank document, buy bank draft and then plan how to send application to auckland branch.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

interesting stuff to share

11 07 am auckland, i seen this residen evil trailer online at cg channel(one of my informative cg website) and tot about sharing it here, if you're a fan of resident evil than you can watch this, I just pay attention to their render only.

around 11 30 pm I will be going to auckland city again to meet yee fong for lunch and hana for some well bible thing, in truth I dun wan to go, I was suposed to go Media Design School to check the course there about their Bachelor Degree in Art & Design but I was so tired, thanks to neighbour yesterday make so much noise.

anyway, i plan to call up KK and ask if got any part time job while I still have student visa, and try and get one lar, if not I have to think about going back to KL. maybe find job there and see if got any reply from here

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


share something interesting here from KL, Shock 3D have made a animation series about something to do with KL, and a character about a malaysian boy who the voice actor is american.

below is the link

what everyone think about the animation? i think the cloth animation nice job on folding and stretching, but maybe the body still abit too stiff? the gesture and body language is alrite to me, others are entitled to their own oppinion.

大家好!你们看过这animation?我足额的是不作了。内衣是很好看不过他的body gesture可以换多一天?是的马?

Huhu studios

12 33 pm, epsom auckland. I applied for job at huhu studios on 18 dec last yerandthey finally give me reply this year jan 11, wow some time man. my job application kena rejected, but tat is okei, I tot to myself dun want to apply there anyway before but I still apply.

thing is tat at first i worried that got no replies so huhus reply 1st it's okei, I welcome rejected reply anyway, Imight expet same from other company sent to. at least got some reply is all i want to hear, next is company reject me until I get some news they want me take some test or they want see more work.

I apply at huhu studios, digipost, yukfoo, albedo fx, oktobor, gameloft(no more animation job)cirkus and other company i forget.

after tat I stop applying dy, the rest is up to them la. last choice I go back KL and apply the job there, oh I also wanna share something else here, small exercise I do in animation for fun I keep sharin at my blog.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

old stuf




  i saw one of my friends posted trailer today in facebook on some old manga called samurai showdown before, about a king assasin called Kenshin, above is the trailer, now see alot of people want to make movies from manga.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Auckland, NewMarket, Epsom, Friends

it's 20 41 pm at evening and I'm typing out some shits here

at 10 am today I arrange to go see some rooms at the city, it's owner is from India, the rent is 140 nzd per week, I dun wan type so much details, that's room no 2 now, then I have lunch wit ryan, after that I went for movie with ryan, rennee chan siat bin and their friend. I watched Puss in boots. I discovered a another way toget to new market without taking the stupid buss ^^.

ryan also shown me got free internet for use at auckland library ^^. So if I moved out, I can use internet there! youtube, dl music and movies, and then finally upload work online.

some interesting to share here about tv commercial, ignore the squairrel, pay attetion to the environment, character models, the render and the animation, it's pretty good.

also I attach link to some interesting commercials at cg channel worth attention ^^ enjoy