Thursday, June 28, 2012

Total Recall

diu, i;m blogging almost everday, macam tak ada benda buat saja.

but i want to share this total recall , i think is remake of a movie when i was very young, cannot remember anymore, but anyway i going to sleep now, because i very tired, 2moro i going back library continue my animation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 and half year in auckland, new zealand

it s 1 37 pm in my room and i type this out, no part time job, no job here, but at least i still got interest to do my own work ah, the fukking problem iz when i leave my room so damn hard to turn on my animation project and work.

at the auckland city library, here so much people bah

i work on it nearly 6 hours everyday, until my eye want to close ady, doing blocking

well, this my last animation here, i ady tell mum i am coming home, and will have to arrange stuff to give to che, plus run smoothly or I kena delay again go home

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winter at auckland

it 5 03 pm now at auckland library, hm new update, che is moving to auckland in 15th july next month, i am moving out back to subang jaya and i did my last try to apply for job ady, haha i am happy i did watever i can.

wat is happening now is i am selling stuff on trademe tat fail to sell, then i will decide to give all my bank money to che, afta tat i will leave my flat and get my bond money to exchange into myr then the other money i will give to che, i will also give her my broadband prepay.

rite now i will do my last animation here

Friday, June 22, 2012

aotea park, auckland

today i was at aotea park when i saw this, they have ice skating ring, a horse riding and music happen there, i was just past by and saw it only

the shot of horse ride and ice skating ring, nice photo this wan

hehe photography someone

the horse riding close up shot

the horse riding

second news is i lost my fukkng flat key and i didn realise it gone missing! how the hel it happen?! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

assasin creed

i was watching a soundtracks on youtube then i saw this, the singer for the main theme asasins creed revelations, i tot the voice is european 1st then i saw wow, it:s just a uni student who got some voice talent to fit the theme haha, but i luv it!

the storyline is good and i like the main theme for the game! when go back subang jaya can finally play it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

new animation

for past few weeks I was working on my own animation, doing it slowly because i got no dateline but everyday i want to push myself to have some progress. I will share the acting video again here with the animation, rite now is blocking stage so, just roughly give the pose, timing and storytelling, later i will add more in between make it look nicer.

this is link to my acting video
this is link to my animation , rite now it's in blocking stage, so later need to add in more pose so it feel more natural 

i dunno y i not able to show the thumbnail like befor, vimeo dun allow me anymore >.<

Sunday, June 17, 2012

interesting share

hm, i have interesting stuff to share, this is from previous animation "Tangled", its behind the scenes animation for rapunzel, below is the link

another sharing i have is my acting video for my new animation, i dun have title XP but i doing something like pantomime, is body language and some expression, below is the link

Saturday, June 16, 2012

fleas and problems

is 3 15 pm here in my flat and here is latest updates

yesterday ryan kena said he kena attack by flea around nite time, he showed me our neighbour just had recent flea attack, he says now he got flea bite, when he come back i will have to check his bites to see how bad, lanjiao wei, i feeling have to bomb this flat again diu hai. but it seem that no other choice.

since flea only attack at nite we'll know whether is back annot.

Friday, June 15, 2012


11 32 pm

this seem quite weird, but type it anyway, my neightbourhood lately there have been reports of attacks on younger women, their age maybe between 19 - 20 something, one befor at The Curve and PJ another in mid valley, this is 2nd attack, its too frequent ady and the happen at different parts of KL. i cannot help to think tat maybe a syndicate are involved in this, attack and rape young women or human traffic around, both are crime.

i'm not a police but if they can be way to locate where they are doing and meeting can able to find them and arrest them. Anyway latests news i met some dude in library, he is from china, his hometown near russia, and he is quite nice person, i exchange contact with him, next i probably make a new friend before i leave from new zealand XD

Thursday, June 14, 2012


is 5 20 pm at library

wow, is so cold outside like 1 mins and i'm already cold this winter making me tired and sleepy, i feel like everytime i go home no energy liao, just want to sleep when i wake up is already 8 pm, not sure if got energy to cook annot. so maybe later 5 something i decide maybe i will da bao to eat at home or will cook, maybe i will cook lah.

fukk just damn tired wei, latest news is my classmate jason douglas come back from chirstchurch, he looking for job here now.

今天外太冷阿认为现在是冬天我足额每天内temperature有欢,我朋友现在旁来auckland州工他是要在games还是regular company.我想阿。

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



i'm back to square 1, sightseeing again! 6 months stay in auckland city and i decided just do another sightseeing, and i went to victoria park!

this is welcome sign! haha but victoria park at city relly small

sky tower from victoria park

sky tower from victoria park closer view

the sidewalk

sky tower and rugby tiang

the grass at victoria padang

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pixar brave

hello, i just saw this stuff at a website call CG meet up, they have behind the scenes for sharing for brave animation, i was interested to see what they are doing.

this is how they do their animation

this is their voice acting

outing plan

tomorrow i plan go victoria park and shoot some pictures, i never go there  before so, maybe before leave auckland, i will take some more photos and enjoy auckland 1 more time

Monday, June 11, 2012

6 month at new zealand


this is fast forward another 6 months at new zealand, staying here, looking for job in animation
i am very tired and rite now very realistic jor, i said previously to myself, i wait 4 - 5 months before can find any  job, until now haven't found anything yet, no interview, no part - time.

this is my experience in new zealand as international, i wana to say new zealand is different, truth is, it's not different than my life at subang jaya, how anyone survive here i dunno. anyway I aplied to oktobor animation and games lab and even try to find waiter job for last time ady, and still nothing happen, this is my risk i am taking.

so i am going to make my final decision, i wait until july for any news for either part time or full time, no news I am leaving for subang jaya to take my rnh test, i know i said this mroe than 3 times, sometimes i not serious enough.

i'm take alot of risk ady, I will no take another risk, if i still keep living hard life here than I am leaving new zealand permanent, I will not come here for job again.

latest news, at least i manage to kep my animation spirit strong

Friday, June 8, 2012

oficially 28


my b'day over liao, haih become 28, no difference from 27, i am years away from becoming 30 years old. look at me, still unemployed, still doing my own personal animation, cant get part time job in auckland, still depends on my mother for money.

wat kind of son and adult am I? 真是很头演! my bday over and i try my best to be nice to everybody, anyway, today saturday and i wan to relax, wah and isaac so nice cook bah kuh teh! lol

so here i have plan i got lah, for past 6 months i was applying for job in auckland city, only a few company reply me saying no job or not searching, hm some dun reply, so wat i am going to do is by next week, i will see wat more animation can add into my reel and email to oktobor and gameslab 1 more time. i can maybe wait, 3 or 4 weeks then i have to decide ady, rite now i try and sell this magic card and keyboard.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

haha, i finally bought a new shoe! it only cost me 29 nzd, can use for 6 month then will rosak again, diu nz shoe so laipeh, even malaysian shoe adidas or reebok more keng! anyway later i want to go post mail something over to li chiang at snells beach, since she wants taiwan buscuit, then later i need to shop for pork and banana.

 diu it look like girls shoe from here

i decided ady leh, will try and get job interview here, 1 last try, still boh luck after july i think i will go back in august or september.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012




my previous shoe is broken, so i have decided to buy a new shoe, last year my old shoe is also the same problem, i think nz shoes really cannot last long, it:s so fast to get spoil!
but it:s alrite, i think 6 months for new shoe is good enough as long it:s cheap

this year i am looking for job here in nz, probably i will go back to take the rnh test


is june now and i am thinking so many things here, is too long to say so i make it very short
i concern about many things, i concern about future, taking care of myself when mum not around anymore, responsibility, life, social life and even friends

i thinking tat i shud leave nz after july because my studynow is show local nz ppl are getting their job, alot of international student small success. i dun relly like my flatmate because i have problem wit one of them, I have bunch of christians i know chasing my to come to church, cannot tell them off because they are not from my culture. I will trying to apply for internship 1 more time in any company here, but i guessing thay boh reply means i'm waisting my time with them.

and finally, to tell the truth I thinking i shud go back subang jaya take RnH animation test but i purposely delay abit on not going back, hm it's relly not suitable choice rite now, okei here's conclusion, i dun care anymore after July, if got no reply from anyone company here then i got no reason stay her anymore, i have good reason to go bac subang jaya and take my animation test from rnh.

i dun care if they give me offer for apprentice annot but i nid to do something about future i concern about, I nid to learn to take care of myself/. i want believe i can take care of myself.

but lastly i wanna say this, if you are reading my blog, FUK YOU RYAN! YOU LOOK DOWN ON ME AGAIN! EVEN UNTIL NOW I WILL FUKKING MURDER YOU!

Friday, June 1, 2012


it's been 3 days since i kena flea attack, well, i feel the flea have gone away but not died, mean i actually fail to kill them, they moved to next flat, damn I feel this flea are smarter than us human, they know we going to wipe them out so they move earlier.

something tell me insect will take over as humans will extinct in future. someone who is not friend of mine but I newly met kena flea attack too, so i think they moved to next flat, now I dun have anymore bite mark but I got wat we call, sting disease, it's cause by brain or my spine, hard to explain but it's medical thing lah, not as bad as fleas.