Sunday, October 30, 2011

tutor not around

11 30 am, at lab doing my reel, and i learn my tutor is only here to teach and help only tuesday and thursday, hm... maybe from him is better because not much he can teach for him..

meanwhile I busy wit my own reel, I actually wan someone to help critique my reel, help me check for mistake, animation director or technical director

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Games of Thrones shot breakdown

it's 2 26 pm snells beach, i'm just continue working on my animation reel here, when I was visiting CG talks website and I found interesting article here about "Games of Thrones" article, the posting explains about behind the scenes shots and VFX breakdowns and how they apply it, i tot maybe this will be interesting to share for those people and friends I know who luv special effects and cg with live action

others new is I going to put up my temporary animation reel here to share(finally!) after so many hours working on it! so anyone can give feedback on how to improve but please give me the constructive critisism yar? I relly appreciate when people can explain things properly instead of shooting me a feedback that is not reasonable ^^

here is the link

after I receive Daniel Wang feedback for this, I improve the lip sync then I will send out my reel to Huhu studios, oktobor and other companies to get a job

Monday, October 24, 2011

last photo at wellington

Security check at waterfront

i stumble on All Blacks Zone, I tot it was a gangster area

the city looks like dead city because of ALL BLACKS game

my last photos at Wellington

above I upload the last few photos I take at the city, Wellington is relly busy city during day time but normal at night, it was spring at wellington but feel like autumn!

now I am back at snells beach and finishing my reel, maybe this saturday I will go to beach again

back at Lifeway

9 35 pm

在我的Final animation 没有做什么东市他吗的!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

back to lifeway

2moro I am flying back to lifeway, I am leaving Wellington 2moro at 11 am..

back to final semester, diu
but I am finish walk walk at city today, 2moro everything return to normal at lifeway maybe until I move out to epsom


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3rd world treatment

it's 5 30 am in morning, and here I am so awake and posting stuff, okei but I am posting something more for a reason, just recently, I seen live video footage of alarming young child that got run over by a van of perpetrator in China Guanzhou, she was run over by 2 trucks! like 1 truck isn't painfull enough for a child!, there were passerby's that totaly ignored her when they could help her a drag her to side for safety but no one give a damn!

this video relly pissed me off about how ignorant and immoral the society of guangzhou in china are, totally unacceptable and relly pissed me off like crazy, so WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUANZHOU PEOPLE??? CAN"T YOU SEE THE LITTLE GIRL IS ON THE GROUND MOTIONLESS BLEEDING TO DEATH? IN PAIN AND SUFFERING AND YOU PASSBY AND DO NOTHING???


Monday, October 17, 2011

Wellington, 2nd holliday

art of rin tin tin at welington capitol city, Lambton Quay
Weta Workshop做art of rin tin tin书在书店我有看^^

picture of city at Cuba Street Wellington
这是 Wellington,Cuba Street 图片时候是晚上

picture of Dixon Street Wellington
这是Dixon Street,Wellington 时候是晚上

hi there, it's 5 23 pm at evening, and I'm updating my blog about stuffs happen here, it's my 2nd sem 1st term holliday tat is 1 weeks, I arrive at wellington on saturday afternoon, and feel sick from sunday until now >.<

it's so stupid to spend my holliday being sick >.< but here is latest news, going to finish my course in 9 december, I'm moving out to my cousin place after finish my animation reel and I will apply for job search visa before I go and apply for jobs.

jun kor and che will return to visit KL for awhile, I will stay here to find a job. i hope I can recover at least 2moro so I dun nid to stay sick for whole week


我现在 welington肯我大姐姐区这里,我是在 welington一个星期这里区。现在是很麻烦的

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oktobor and Lifeway

12 44 am

I now over at Wellington short holliday with my kar che! before that I share 1 interesting cerita, Daniel Wang, the recruiter for Oktobor Animation come over to lifeway college to meet and interview the student in 2nd year of animation course.

he come around 11 am to meet us, introduce himself and oktobor animation, talk to us and see our showreel and give some feedback, he seems like nice person and give feedback to my animation reel, he knows tat we still doing our final so maybe he come visit again at november.

meanwhile, maybe I will share some photos here about things happen at auckland and wellington! it's spring now so can see the sakura grow

Gautam Chandra from New Delhi India
Kim Chan from Taipei Taiwan

after land at Wellington from auckland on air new zealand I saw this XD

Hana Sakura ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011




Oktobor animation I was told yesterday is coming to interview student 2moro, so rite now, I can think of maybe show somethign 2moro, they are coming at 10 45 am, diu so damn early

Saturday, October 8, 2011

lifeway , School of Media Final

今天我在lab是做final animation
他妈的! 今天是星期日我做是一亚的东四!

Friday, October 7, 2011


it's 4 39 pm at afternoon, so now i am writing new post

this week I went to auckland city wit my friends from lifeway college, to visit media design school and ask questions about their 2nd year.

my friends Edward Wen. Tung Pham , Isaac Tan and me are interested so we went there for interview. I saw their classroom and facility, meet their tutor and talk to them, it was interesting because we able to visit their classroom and see the works they were having.

Media Design School have campus somewhere else before, but nwo they have shifted to Albert Street at auckland, it's next to Auckland sky tower. meanwhile I wish to share some photoes we taken at auckland.

coming back from auckland

our friend, driver Edward Wen

Saturday, October 1, 2011