Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MEF 2011 goal

it's 2 30 pm afternoon time, and I am writing again in this blog of mine, half a month before I shud leave for new zealand. thign I got to prepare this week so next week I can settle mroe important stuffs.

1. reformat my laptop
2. pack anything important for my studies there, other than the books I will bring with me, denitely not my whole room.
3. meet up with a few more friends b4 leaving for new zealand, now i'm thinking, most my high school friends already fled to overseas, some still here then maybe I can meet with them 1 more time before I away for a whole year and maybe half a year because I foresee I will work there for a moment before I return to m'sia. I'm thinking now, I wanna ask another friend of mine out for lunch since I known her nearly a year, the main question is whether I would confess that I like her, sounds stupid to me but can't help it if the words escape my mouth, expect to be rejected again but I can get used to it.

4. open up a fixed deposit in rhb after closing off my maybank account but keeping the main rhb account open when I return cuz I need it! I will return to m'sia to work anyway, i suspect I won't get my PR at new zealand even if I got my damn demoreel.

now for the last thing I want to talk is this, an article I read in online news in star newspaper, mentioning about Malaysian Employment fund, there economic plans for year 2011, helping graduates secure jobs, decreasing unemployment rate from reaching unwated levels and offering local graduates higher wages, paying wages based on fixed income and half based on performance, in the last couple of years when I was working fulltime in advertising as motion graphics designer in ATL, my salary was only myr 1100 - 1300 , but the job I was offered as junior 3d animator offered at myr 2000, that's myr 700 more, well, still have to deduct, EPF, socso and other things anyway. This time they increase wages for employee than before.

can imagine than before this alot of m'sians been sogging and hating all the bosses, yah I hated mine, not for the salary but for not qualified display of leadership, management skills and people skills. Who pays more isn't the priority now to me, I only worry about that after I complete my studies at Lifeway college, then I can start thinking about fulltime work, company training, career growth, work culture, learning ability and attitudem responsibility, commitment and then finally salary, this is all important.

okei end of writing

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

well, same old thing, Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010, everytime christmas comes, I fell like I'm entering a new era, a new year, a year when things will be different and shud be difference, and you know what? this is it, I'm going off to new zealand to study, to work to learn, to be more opens and to discover myself.

I would post up christmas photos later, but all in all I wont forget to post up famous work from entertaiment designer Feng Zhu from Feng Zhu Design, sharing topic on creature design, abelow is the link

part 01

part 02

all well, onece again, enjoy your new year and best of luck to everone! 8D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

early preparation

The Legend of Rikimaru or Ninja Scroll, random name for now

some random doodle I make, not sure where this go
A Robot Story, generated when I was at Penang
it's 5 pm and I'm at home patiently waiting for my stupid medical result to call me so I can go and process the stupid student visa and close some bank accounts. while waiting I had produced some rough silhouttes and wrote a simple outline for my final project that I will work in lifeway college, since I had idea in my head I was thinking why don't I put down to digital art rather than waist it.

the artworks above are some random ideas I though out to develop the final project, I'm developing their storyboard now so I can post them later for sharing, hopefully I can produce a short animation piece with a simple storyline that can appeal to anyone.
I had previously attended an interview with Intelture technology previously for fun, bring along my student demoreel with me, it's been nearly 1 and half years since I worked fulltime in industry and had job interview, most of all I only went there to test my student demoreel in for job market, I never expected to get any offer, amazing after nearly 3 weeks they call me up and email me a job offer as junior 3d animator, I wasn't even asking for it.
I'm going to further my studies anyway at Lifeway College in Character Animation and by that time I also have something planned that will allow me to have a job as CG character animation in the future, I can then plan again my life ahead and hopefully have a gf by then lol! for now I need more patience and some more practise so I am going to enter my next journey at new zealand.

early preparation

Friday, December 17, 2010

lip sync exercise and lifeway college

it's now 10 pm in the evening, and I got some news to mention, 1st is I fuly receive confirmed of my offer of place at lifeway college, starting febuary 2nd, I need to settle my student visa after my medical report comes out, the last is my flight ticket.

offer of place

next is I'm working a side project for lip sync just to learn more about acting and understands about more of my project. I have gotten my side project idea from the 2001 movie black hawk down, in a situation where sergeant everstmann and his rangers was pinned down by snipers, RPG and gunners at a crash site at Mogadishu on september 1993, in the raid. I done a small storyboard showing my impression of how it looks like in understanding.

after that I am working on a roughs storyboard idea I have planned for my final student project at lifeway college, still in rough drawing and storyboard panel and I will upload into here as soon as I have idea's fully drawn out for sharing. 2moro I will be attending comic fiesta 2010 with my younger sister since it will be my last time in m'sia.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sharing from feng zhu

it's 2 28 am here, and I got some news, 1st of all I managed to add feng zhu into my facebook and the other, I'm going to be sharing some stuff that he teaches about entertaiment design, so wat is entertaiment design? well it's design theory and practise that is related to feature film or internactive entertaiment stuff that he applies when he does work on regular basis. which applies to concept art when he has a project, he involves to the concept artist, art director and even maybe the animation direction.

it's tittled Creatings Worlds. this is part 1

this is part 02

enjoy 8D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

SS17 family

it's 5 30 pm and i'mt yping out something that brings me back to old memories, it was my reunion with SS17 friends, something which really brough some light into my life.

it's been 9 years since 2001, meeting friends and ms yogeetha was indeed a very amazing and memorable feeling, we were at chilles and today look at us, we're all 26, except for ms yogeetha lol! I met back with friends who were about my age and it feels good to talk to everone again.

it's just too bad I didn't bring my d slr with me, I took with my camera phone and will post up the ugle fine pictures much later lol.

anyway here's some philosophy im going to write down after staying alive for 26 years and learning something from the day I was born till now, more to come

1. Life is about learning, falling apart and picking myself up again.
2. Life is worth living for
3. Life is not worth giving up on
4. Life is worth learning about because the wold changes with time, so do we
5. Life is worth fighting for when there's is something we just are fighting for it
6. Life is just too short, you never know whats happens next, so live it without any regrets, ther may be rights and wrongs, but you know what you did and you are not going to waist it because you have nothing to lose 8D.
7. Life can lead you somewhere, just follow your instincts.

Monday, December 6, 2010

last day a penang

its 12 45 am in the morning
currently 3 am in the morning after my internet here at penang shut down and I cannot sleep(stupid insomnia!)
it's my last day in penang and I would try to take last few more photos here before going to kl, also, there' something from my student demoreel I would like to post in here, since it's from my works I tot I would share something from animation fundamentals that I notice very little people share.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


1 07 am, at penang, I can't sleep so I'm typing out my blog now, por is going to hospital 2moro and we are leaving penang on tuesday morning, hopefully! need to do my medical checkup and student visa.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

turning point in industry

9 17 pm, and i'm typing out some serious shitz here, for the 2nd time! a few time back I written what was on my thoughts and my oppinion about what was happening locally and I tot it as just another piece of news now I feel it's really getting my attention at a serious level.
previously I noticed major companies, international and local company were posting like crazy on recruitment sites to recruit ppl to work for them, this mass recruitment I had tot it was just a joke at 1st, but now I realy cannot help thinking it's something major, that they are serious, they are really on mass recruitment and it's really surprised because I never see them post these frequent at the same time and any demands at all.
it does seem like major panick to me because unless they post at diff times it shows how flexible they are to hire but this time they all comes at once? it's so damn obvious now.

i hope that they get what they want