Monday, June 24, 2013

peoplelove 2nd interview coming

3 53 pm

okei so i got insomnia again, hard to wake up properly, haih, but i need to force myself to wake up at 10 am 2moro because i got 2nd interview with peoplelove and i was thinkign whether or not to even bloody hell attemd it, i think i will just tell mum today about the 2nd interview and what west lee said to me and somethign about job offer and contract but i prefer to think of just attend the 2nd interview 1st and not sign any contract yet. I wana be sure of myself, so at moment i will just think of attending the 2nd interview and work on my 3d models, that sounds like a plan, i remember i also told myself never make plans at all.

i will still focus on silver ant and applying there, anyway got to get lunch before i decide to faint

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

family time and more updates

3 42 pm

haih peoplelove wants to 2nd interview me in July, they mentioned job offer letter and contracts, finished my so called lousy modeling test with them and email them over, anyway forget that, i need to continue modeling my goblin and aircraft I wanna to use it for modeling reel. i believe i am damn good in modeling and animation, just that i convinced myself that i was only good at one.

this the the modeling test i did, it's not much, but it's haha my test modeling something for retail outlet. i wanted to model the light shapes more, it have interesting and dynamic shapes.

today i'm going to watch epic with mom, going to study more cartonny animated movement and the models. learn something, but before that need to buy lunch to eat, i didn't eat yet. I'm going to be one of the competitves one's out there.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy fathers day

6 25 pm

it's happy fathers day, my dad cannot be alive today, i'm celebrating with him in spirit

Friday, June 14, 2013

interviews and test

1 37 pm

recently finished 2 job interviews, both do tv series, and during the interview 1 did only 1 job test and that is for animation, now i got another type of test, I must go write some bullshit about a book and model something in max, finally something i can do that I am relly good at, they gave me image refference but didn't say anything about submission requirements, i will email back today and ask about it.

other than that what i can do is start modeling today whenever i want, what happens after this? honestly, i don't know, whatever hapens will happen and happens from what i did, so far news is mum plans to go holliday in china and i said yes, then blah blah blah

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

upcoming interview

3 38 pm

got a call from catapult animation studio about interview this coming friday, location at mid valley, i suppose i will bring both my modeling and rigging reel with me, add some digital painting to make for impression. as for people love interview, have to take write some stupid assignment and email back to them.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

upcoming interview

9 am

latest updates, i am scheduled for an interview as 3d designer for some company ext week called people love on monday at 1 pm, i seriously don't know why they called me up for interview, i'm guessing i'm also waisting my time going there as usual. anyway i'm already guessing seamus won't call me up so i need t check my email later today.

other updates is possesion got some minor modification and i writing just another short animation for randy's advice.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


10 10 am

tat's rite, i'm lost thats what my heading now says, latest updates my kar che is trying to get her thesis finished and my reel is not relly well effective, i'm still continue modeling.

anyway later today got to pay the streamyx bill around 11 am