Saturday, June 7, 2014

UNDO and updates

1:00 am

okei for latest updates, here goes

1. my lecturer at toa before in dg, that taught me z brush for a whole week, apparently released his first game demo called Ascend that is about parkour, reminds me of mirrors edge hehe, below is the video demo

i think my lecturer have alot potential, unfortutely he got rejected by the publisher, I'm confident he can start his own game company with some partner interested and hire some of his old student to work for him and learn from him, no doubt tommy is an excellent character modeller in games industry, i seen his characters models

2. 2nd day of my z brush sculpting workshop I learned to work on and apply dynamesh in my studies, relly having fun with it and will create more creatures and characters

3. I officially reached 30 today i think haha.