Sunday, June 27, 2010

a sunday night

it's about going to be 12 and here I am sitting my ass off and doing my final project in starbucks outside when I can actually be sitting inside enjoying the nice cozy aircone in there @#$!!! but thanks to the ppl who booked the inside 1st I have to end up outside in the hot air and listening to crazy ppl around me screaming GOAL!!! like mad fucks

all in all here's something to write about, i'm bored as hell on sunday night but I still got work to do, since the campaigning 2moro is postponed.

also I need to work on my demoreel so I can use it for future freelancing, really man, I rather besitting inside than out here. goddamn man.

other than that I'm preparing my demoreel and refining most of my previous animation and artwork to send over to lifeway college and bruce osborne when he gets here XD

as usual I'm posting up some WIP of the main character in my blog

Saturday, June 19, 2010


modeling progress for inner child

character modeling progress for main character Andrea Wan Siew Ling
it's 3 05 am in the morning, actually it's a goddamn midnight and here I am sacrificng my sunday to do work even if I don't want to do work, mcb
but as I promised myself, I would post up work of my final year animation project that I would be doing with 2 other group members. above are the 3d modeling stage refinement for the main character and the supporting character done in autodesk maya 2009
anyway I will still be working on my demoreel because I still dun like the effort I put into the animation. finally got lifeway college advanced 3d animation prospectus. Got invited by yong kang to visit Poly Assets United XD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



it's 1 07 am in the morning and here I am again blogging

the purpose behind this blogging is because I seen some cg animation online by my senior tat wong who recently published a game cinematic of assasins creed brotherhood done by Ubisoft, which I plan to work in the future.

the opening of the game cinematic starts as usual with the camera overlooking the entire city just like the 1st assasins creed, but this time, the assasination attempt is joint by quick kills and an entire brotherhood that joins in for final kills. pretty awesome concept.

anyway this is the link to the cinematic, it's really awesome

also as I said earlier I would upload wip of my final project with my group in my blog to show wats going in my final semester, yes I would, so far I can show the modeling for the main characters because I'm the official modeller and rigger for both the characters.

wip of the body

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


just yesterday around 2 30 pm, Mundeeb Singh from R & H sdn bhd malaysia came over to toa to pay a visit, acutally mroe like special invitation from hooi Ling, lol I saw the looks on their faces when I left the incubation center, they really looked lie they weren't interest in visiting the labs but did it out of courtesy for hooi ling.
they shwed us work from the golden compass and the hulk, a majority of their work is in demoreel and shot breakdowns, I just wonder, it's seriously a hollywood studio working on effects for films all the way, nothing relevant to cg character animation, but their works is seriously better compared to most character animation I have seen on cg films, I will upload some photos of mundeeb singh soon into my blog.
it was lydia's birthday yesterdayand I was told pixar is going to be here on thursday, I will be attending anyway because I'm interested in conceptual side and character animation for cg films.
I surprisingly learned I was selected along with kwan yew and gerad for viral campaigning as a cameramen and also learned that photography department tried to interrupt the campaign by re using their own ppl, I jsut wanan say something, pls allow others to volunteer their skills and time if they are allowed time because the have a right to do their part and pass graduation campaign alright? you're not superman and you're definitely not in charge of everything most of all, you don't hold the main authority in the comittee.
anywa ow it's 5 06 am and soon I need to start working on my final project, I plan to return to toa around afternoon to finih up the show for inner child before I post up any wip of how they look, blog out

Monday, June 14, 2010


9 55 pm and I'm writing out some stuff that happens 2day.
1. graduation campaign, newspaper recycling and 2nd hand stuff for garage sale.
2. some kids came over to visit toa to knwo what their future is like being an artist hahah have fun exploring.
3. out of no reason, I was selected for the viral campaign as either volunteer or cameraman, I can't remember but screw it, it only matters when they come look for me.
4. finalyl met kfc after years of talking to him online he shares he experience in games development industyr with us and he seems really enthusiastic about his learning and teaching career, he sharing is really informative and he knows his job well being the lead artist at codemasters.
5. I'm aiing for a career at Ubisoft somewhere in singapore, i think it will be interesting because rather than working in m'sia because I spent the last few years here in advertising doing above the line work, those shits heads paid me lower than expected and I really had to work like a dog nearly 24/7 without a personal life, not even time ot cut my fucking hair!
but I need to understand the datelines for gaming development is even more tight and expectation is higher than normal, so I'm thinking preparing some more self practise in character animation with norman and work on my painting skills.
6. I'm looking at a future now, getting myself a gf that will accept me for who I am and not what I have.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


9:03 pm, a day after my birthday, I'm feel Iv gone through another mindset change few days ago and I'm understanding now who I am and what person I am becoming.
oso yesterday, something unexpected happened which relly upset me, of all people rachel wan, you had to be the only person that had to piss me off without being mindfull of your thoughts, whether you are reading this or not I dun really care, from this day forward, it's the end between of our friendship.
I hope never to have your goddamn presence around me again, you can fuck off like the rest of those worthless people without any moral principles in them.

Friday, June 4, 2010


it 10 56 pm and I'm back in penang for a few days taking time of from final project, while I'm here I can cool of and do some small planing for the future while i'm typing this, note that there will be some major chanes in my life after ending my studies, I also realised that as thefew weeks passed, I was reminded of some things that are repeating itself to my present life, some key moments I'm not sure what it means but it's impossible for time to repeat itself.
what I can say is I'm going to build that future and sometimes life wants my path to cross path someone else and something else I never expected. so here is wat I understand, I'm determined to set my future ahead and if life decided who I run into along the way pls let it be for a reason, most of all I hope that the biggest change for me that will happen is that I will meet my match that I can share my life with and not have to have history repeat itself.
so some small things planned.
1. ever since I got out of my ditch of hell, I figured I will change for bettter, unlike you all fucked up lot out there who are just typical bitches and bastards who will never understand what life can really means or friendship.
2. cross paths with people who are good influence and learn from them, pick my own teachers and mentors in life to teach me something I never learned before both in my profession and moral principle.
3. believe in myself that I can be a better artist, believe in myself that I can do animation, prove Kelvin point about me that he is wrong that I can't do animation, yeah, you stupid fuck, I dun even care if you are reading this, believe I can do really well in it that I can work in animation for games and that Ubisoft won't have a reason not to think I'm not good enough.
4. be good to my friends and never turn my back on them in desperate situations and to never give up on a friend, trust and bonds are so important, so are memorable moments.
5. be determined and make a trip to singapore to visit Ubisoft and Lucas animation, they both are making noise this year
6. make sure my application to study character animation gets heard by lifeway college because they have a greedy but not ambitious maniac coming their way XD.