Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a new journey

4 28 pm

news updates, greetings, been quite awhile i haven't blog in here so make my point straight and short

1. I was not given a new contract by ganchos so i resigned on feb 10th, given my last pay cheque and moved on, at moment on short break while doing my reel and some freelance work.

2. decided where i would be going next if not I will be in auckland city for holliday for may to attend che's graduation. mom asked for my help for penang education fair, i guess i will go and help out after all.

3. friends i know who were art graduates have been resigned or quit this industry for either personal and financials reasons

also to share this video made by ex staff from Rhythm and hues

a documentary about their last project "Life of Pi" and the aftermath of bankcruptcy, i feel for the founder the most, he have to make a painfull decision he was forced to make but didn't want to make at all.

other updates i probably will mention in march or later depending if I can bother to blog at all lol

Sunday, February 2, 2014

CNY 2014

12 am

as I am writing this rite now, alot of time has passed and events that have happened i will pout them in point form and simple words .   1;- CNY started on friday but i had only 5 days of holliday, i actually dun feel like returning until like 5 days later to but ghazi gave no more time than that.   2;- I have yet to receive january pay cheque lol, but I have't even received news of any contract yet.  3 ;- my cousin on father side is getting engaged to her boyfriend.  4;- i've actually abondened possession for a long time now, but figuring out the remake trailer storyboard so it looks more better than before.  5;- tham family cny reunion dinner 2moro at mid valley  6;- i actually have a goal rite now which is far more easier to achieve than anything i realistically can achieve, I will ditch every last rubbish and old crap in the house until i have enough funds to re do thi shouse inside.  7;- i'm still thinking how long will i last in gancho studios or animation industry even if i did learn something.

okei time to post up photos of festive events

eve of cny, celebreate with the family

conversations before the meal is ready

meals ready to serve

my cute neice and nephew

cousns and relatives gambling

steamboat on eve of cny

crap meat with some vege


2nd day of cny, bbq

more relatives arrive, more food plus gambling