Sunday, December 30, 2012

new year eve

1 pm

well it's finally new year eve and it's end of the year, so damn fast. but anyway further updates, i'm in touch wit 2 frens now from the one, alexis lim and sherman lim.

i feel that few things maybe shud have happened but did not happen, if i had a job in nz i wud be working in auckland and earning money by now and staying there in happy, end of the year i wud kind of have dinner wit her and confess to her, she wud be my gf. even if she reject i think it's fine.

but it's opposite now, back here, jobless, not wanted and still not earning income haha, but success on dating my junior. i think today won't post any work in progress but will try make it tru new year eve.

Friday, December 28, 2012


2 36 am

okei latest updates, i am in middle of modeling armour for my samurai, below is the work in progress, after i finish i give it a rig then will render out modeling, texturing and lighting reel.

still got more armour details to make, i expect this wan to finish by next year

i got further updates, while i was gone in auckland studying, there have been many number of botswana student come to my country to say they are here to study, but mostly commit crime, i saw some of them lately in SS14 and SS18, i dun like idea of them simply come here commit crime, if i see it I'm getting evidence and report it ady, I wan those that commit crime deported back to their country, and not allow to commit crime here.

below i got some links to this video, it's talking about continues fighting in burma myanmar, the situation relly explain alot why got so many myanmar here working, they claim they want run away from the sucky life back there, yes there is war going on there but its not as bad as israel where got rocket launchers and babies getting killed by bombs and bombing.

i think they picked the wrong country for them to live, in here they relly have to either learn to be smart or they wun last long, just my oppinion

below is some link about them trying to survive in our capitol city

Monday, December 24, 2012


10 48 pm

erm small update, this time i'm working on a samurai model, for my reel to Rhythm and hues, i dunno wat will it be like after i submit my reel to them but i'm certain next year i will apply to them.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fly studio and CF 2012

9 56 am

okei more updates, attended fly studio sharing on resident evil, took some photos for cf and finally reunion wit toa frens.

here some photos

CEO of Fly Studio that come from Digital Frontier Japan, give opening speech

CF 2012

CF 2012 cosplayer

cosplayers on way back from CF at LRT

Ezio Auditore at CF 2012

Fly Studio giving sharing on Resident Evil Damnation, but i not allowed to take photo of their production  work

Jason Loh, my previous lecturer from TOA

Yong Kang my animation tutor from TOA and Rin Zhen my pet sister from toa

and finally, my completed japanese house personal project, i maybe will do final touch up

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Japanese house

10 57 pm

okei, it's evening time at here and just some quick update, roughly completed my japanese house after sepnd nearly 4 weeks working on it, take forever but at least i am finish. next left is continue to do concept art for my trailer project.

here is the the final rough render

and here is the concept art for one of my trailer, it's one of the concept art scene

i keep working on both on and off, since i am not working yet i have plenty time to do personal project. so while doing the rendering i was working to see if i can still remember how to do normals in z brush and amazing it still works. I dun wan to feel lansi but i am becoming good at modeling, texturing and some lighitng, maybe animation still can have time to improve my animation principles.

i will make a modeling, texturing and lighting reel soon, before i submit my reel to fly studio, R&H and codemasters.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

CF 2012

5 50 am Subang Jaya

okei it's early in the morning and i got some updates good and bad

bad news is when i was doing the texture for my japanese house, my pc restarted and my whole japanese house the maya file crash and got technical problem, in the end i failed to open up the file and lost all the models and textures( i failed to follow previous lesson on keep save different file name with number)

so now I managed to restore my maya file, i have to try open up the last uv's and then can finish texture all by 2moro. sigh now good news, i am going to cf by this saturday to check out wat codemasters and fly studio is sharing about, if I am lucky i get to built more industry connection and ask about any training programme they have, maybe 1 more thing next year i can try apply for Rhythm and hues modeling job position, see if I can get anything.

again not expect anything

Thursday, December 13, 2012


3 36 am

okei it's middle of th enite and i am typing more shit, i wake up at 1 am, yay! now my clock is reverse again, i got class for saturday and i got next week fly studio sharing. so latest is i updtae more progress on my japanese house.

this is the progress, almost all the texturing is done, just left is the bamboo tree, and that little shoe at front door, previously the light and shadow was very flat, cannot distinguish between lgith and dark tone, since the modo is sunset the color shud feel warmer, as in warm color scheme, this is just a test so i can prepare for my personal project. other sharing i have is from feng zhu, he's sharing about core fundamentals of design. which is important for any concept artist, i also am applying same practise in my artwork

Sunday, December 9, 2012

cg hair

9 17 am

wah, wat a weird way to start my morning, but yah, i just recently learn to make new stuff only and tat is create cg hair and render in maya.

the cg chair i done

it's not final yet because i am learning and testing it for render too, the final will look nicer, so can say this is just one of the early cg test, hm i'm not sure wat will happen to me in after march next year but it's posbbile i wun able to finish the trailer for this animation properly, wunt lie to myself so maybe i only possible to show the character and environment reel, but i still see how it goes.

if everything works fine, i shud able to present the short trailer and modeling reel online and earn myself interview for the start up programme, i dunno wat will happen, but can only do my best. also recently install motion builder because start up programme using it, i got no idea how it work, i tried learning it yesterday but not successfull, hm anyway, i will focus on present time now later today i will keep on working on concept art for environment.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

posession animatics

2 13 am

well 2 updates, i didn't receive any reply from backbone yet on my animation test, and other is i completed my animatics to get rough idea for timing. here i can share it

this just the animatics, the final trailer which i be doing will sure have different timing and changes so this is not final is just a guide for me to work with. I'm just abit disturb lately, when i return from new zealand, i'm amazed i get interviews but unsuccessfull in achieve job offer so far, i just wonder why is tat, izzit my previous working background? or is it tat I'm facing lansi boss or something else? so far i'm ony one left without job, other than my juniros previously working.

this personal project i doing now is my last chance resort, same thing i did at end year 2004 to get myself a job in animation befor i even went to one academy. it's sad serioously tat i'm still stuck, i thinkign still about that sharing by fly studio in klcc on dec 22, wats the worth or i going there? will i be able to get progress other than sit down watch the making, asking question, getting bussiness card, building connection? wat will happen to me few years later at future? i cannot stay like this long term i dun believe cannot able to grab job as cg artist.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

my first date

1 17 am

hm yah my heading it's true, my frist date at 28 years old, not gf yah, not married either, but first date, and it's with a junior form my previous college in the one academy, from china yunan, it was nice that i was alble to ask her out to watch life of pi with me and then she said yes even if she ady watched it before.

we watched movie, had meal together at korean street cafe, she bought her book and i send her home. it was nice of me to do something nice for her after tat. after all she plans to leave malaysia to rturn to china to work.

i told her my latest progress and she shared her progress and now we both just thinking about our goals, it hink most important goals now is find a job to support ourself. yah, okei now i going to post some progress for my japanese teahouse.

all un unwraps have completed and officially can keep texturing and render

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


12 am subang jaya

it's been 2 days since i submitted my animation test to backbone entertaiment, i'm guessing that i didn't make it because my test not so chun >.<, but tats fine lah, i was expecting that anyway when i was doing it, rite before i started my test i called flystudio to ask about start up programme, and i' thinking aiming for their programme.

i also thinkign something else, many years befor i always saw that most senior staff dun wan start their own company yet, they actually take over from previous boss to become manager, director , or founder, getting soem more experience for themselve, earning money, saving money then finally started their own company, different name, culture and staffs.  they maybe feels they not ready yet to tsrat new company so take over from previous boss, learn how to manage clients and staffs, learning more on management before going to new level.

i thinking same thing, in future, i plans to be senior staff, and take over from boss before either 1. join wit new make frens or seniors before who started their own company.

now i only got 2 things to do, my japanese language ability keep working on it and  2, do my short trailer, whther finished annot just keep pushing it as much i can, i did it many times wit my test and i will try and make this animation happens.

Monday, December 3, 2012

animation test

8 20 pm

i finally completed  animation test for backbone entertaiment, 4 different test in 4 days, fastest animation i ever did, each animation take near 1 1/2 days to do from blocking, spline and polishing, the given rig is andy rig, free open source rig for character animation, so i going to share it here lah

walk cycle

run cycle

weight lifting

10 second acting dialogue

now for my own comments, tell the truth i think walk and run cycle were more easy, coudl settle that in 2 days, bvut for this kind of test woud be better if they just give me acting dialogue that is 10 second, i think this was too much ady but i still did it anyway. anyway i'm going to break for few days, and on this wednesday i am going for my first date. i have another goal rite now, i'm going to try get into fly studio start up programme at future.