Thursday, December 13, 2012


3 36 am

okei it's middle of th enite and i am typing more shit, i wake up at 1 am, yay! now my clock is reverse again, i got class for saturday and i got next week fly studio sharing. so latest is i updtae more progress on my japanese house.

this is the progress, almost all the texturing is done, just left is the bamboo tree, and that little shoe at front door, previously the light and shadow was very flat, cannot distinguish between lgith and dark tone, since the modo is sunset the color shud feel warmer, as in warm color scheme, this is just a test so i can prepare for my personal project. other sharing i have is from feng zhu, he's sharing about core fundamentals of design. which is important for any concept artist, i also am applying same practise in my artwork

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