Wednesday, August 29, 2012

interesting sharing

1:35 pm penang, something in Seoul south korea is very popular now it reach US, Australia, New Zealand and even KL and maybe Singapore. hm at first i dunno about it just seen from pictures on the internet, then I started to see more on youtube.

here is the MTV

i like the shot of the small kid at the start doing hip hop hehe he look more cooler than PSY XD

they got a concert in Seoul about him also

hm next thing i know there is flash mob everywhere, either this dude will make Seoul popular or it it's just another popular singer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Penang, 2012

it's 5 32 pm, i'm at hometown penang for 1 week aldy, for ah pors b'day, have family reunion, eat durian food and sleep like alot. i didn't see penang more than 1 year haha now i'm back i can stay 1 more week until i go back subang jaya

现在是5 32上午。我是在国家penang看看我家人出去吃很多东市!我学的是1年多我没有看Penang了。我是这里取在Penang多一个星期. 是多一个星期我回来Subang Jaya。很开心啊!哈哈哈!


Famiy dinner

family dinner

me and por

me damn sien

at penang go sightseeing

pors house

in pors house shou yen playing his iphone

Monday, August 20, 2012

Malaysia, Penang

11:27pm Penang

I'm back in malaysia, at my hometown meet wit my family and have dinner with them, meet my cousin from taiwan and my uncle i didn't see more than 1 year, right now penang not so hot because is at night time, temperature go down abit

现在我到国家了在马来市亚, Penang, 我没有看我家的人台北来。我们二天前出去吃饭。今晚真的是不热了。好了我香明天会早一点开香。

Monday, August 13, 2012

3 more days in auckland!

good day everyone!

2 things I did today, I donated my heater and old clothes to auckland mission, che suggested to me, then I also will be having dinner with che today, 2moro and thursday night before i go to airport. hm for 8 months counting didn't get interview here but i feel good that i donate things to people who nid it.

wow, 1 1/2 years in new zealand and feel like if i go back subang jaya nothing change, haha! i think i will upload some last photos of my life here and then walk at Albert Park 1 more time! i relly like walking there and i will miss there most!

i kai kai at britomart near waterfront

hm left Mandy and rite Zoe from Lifeway college also, study animation, mandy 2nd year zoe 1st year

Saturday, August 11, 2012

preparing going back to subang

hello it's 11:20 pm at evening, and it's going to be my last few days at auckland, before i remember some international student leaving before me, about 3 international student i know left, i think either i'm last or 2nd last leaving auckland. everyone asking me this question, "Are you coming back?" and i told them "I dunno" haha.

next plan after get back is clean my house and room! i think mum didn't vacuum or clean it! and need to turn on my pc again make she it is not dead, i probably take a few days or maybe week before i am ready to contact rhythm and hues or apply jobs again.

then i went to star online, saw this video about working on local skills at malaysia KL, ever since Bola Kampung animation, Malay Chronicles and Rhythm and Hues come in, it ask important questions, when will malaysians ever do anything for ourselfs? we always keep taking stuff and import stuff from outside country but never make our own stuff.

hm i'm flying at midnight and arrive at KLIA at 7 40 am, hm so 1 1/2 years in auckland and leaving new zealand for good lol

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

interesting sharing

just today discover something interesting at cgtalk forum, some dudes, are sharing their student animation done in blender, this is the animation

and this is their blog

other news is i'm going back next week to subang, I won't be back after this, i dunno how long

Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic inspire animation

hello its evening and i saw this animation posted by my friend on fb, it's done by ubisoft, it's inspire by the olympic games and its relly funny, just want to share it in here.

another thing i want to share is this video, it's tv series i think, it's talking about news reporters that share their view about the world or US, quite interesting intellectual stuff they present

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Recipe

hello, there is a piece of animation I want to share here, its done by my juniors at the one academy, their final year project, i relly congratulate them, they done good job!