Wednesday, January 20, 2016

life so far in 2016

2 am

okay so some updates.

1. had 2 recent interviews, 1 with Glue Studios and 1 with silver ant, finalyl after so many years managed to get interview at that stupid company. i will 1 have 1 last interview with them next thursday.
2. I hate my life, seriously, failed for lecturer for time, cant keep myself past probation and furthermore treated like shit by people.
3. finally going to japan.
4. some really good announcement, sector 2 which was a personal short animation i created in 2005, i actually remaking it with more details this time. i took months away form the project to focus on my job as a lecturer only to be let go 3 months later.i am going to display some stuff.

so the photos above show rough planning schedule for sector 2, jobs that i successfully completed and plans that i made for next production stage.

above are snapshots samples of the env for sector 2, revised with add on buildings and details, i'm modeling everything single handed therefore the uv unwrap and textures will take longer time as well. i just hope i can at least make enough progress.