Thursday, June 23, 2016


1 36 am

flying off to japan tomorrow, my bags all packed and ready, very tired and sleepy, plus alot of thigns in my head. i will have more to share when i get there.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Japan, Animonsta and Codemasters

8 16 pm

latest updates.

1. flying off to Tokyo, haneda internaitonal on 24th and arrive on 25th, will be spending 1 week in tokyo until i change my travel plans.
2. i got both offers from animonsta and codemasters but still to make a decision.
3. sector 2 is making very little progress.

i wish that i know more about travel when i was 20 something. also i think about things happening around me in the world now, and i want to ignore it. so i can make my life more simple and happy. since i'm not the creator and the world is not my responsilibility besides my life.

so my birthday have passed and i am 32 years old, i also and thinking about life ahead before i become 40 years old. more savings, fixed deposit and financial security in case i am screwed. anything to save myself in case of backstabbing. 

I'm looking forward to japan trip but never have the time, now i can make it, i have wanted to go there for so long but never have money  or time, i will go for the frist time and see it myself. because right after this, i know i won't be travelling for another year.