Wednesday, March 27, 2013

dunno wat to say

 5 28 pm

damn today woke up relly late, i didn't make a blog for past few days because i was busy with my modeling test, was modeling a prop and adding texture with it. i finally got to render it and did something in only 7 days.

this was the render for the test i did, it's not great but it's progress, my sister and fren suggesting put some more cracks and in environment, i think i will do both. i also will put inside a hangar, it looks more suitable. then after that maybe i can use this to apply for silver ant or other company for 1 more time.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Back to penang

7 am

back at penang to do prayers for ah por, family will attend education fair, but i'm only one not able to help out because i have my modeling test to do. so today i try make as much progress i can on my test, update is that i applied textures, but honest the progress very messy.

i also think i woke up too early.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

streamline studio

8 09 am

at home now online, update so far, i just got reply from streamline studios here about interview for next next week at 10 am, and do art test too. i'm supposed to model a set and apply texture map on it with normal mapping. then finally bring the final result with me during interview.

i started with the modeling just yesterday and plan finish roughly by today so i can decided how to further put the details, other update is i'm going to penang on 22 and come back on 25th, so i shud able to make it back for interview.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unreal development kit

8 am

well, yesterday finished my 2nd interview, to tell the truth, i' know im know selected but it's nothing for me, i was not aiming to go there, my aim is Fly studio, but i applied other 2 companies too as backup. recently downloaded unreal development kit just to learn abit about how the game developers make their games, understand their job abit more, in case some day have to work with them can understands each other language.


i dunno alot about game development but i think i learning abit by using this game engine, further update is my picnic scene in maya, fixed the scale and proportion of some objects and added more things, i think next step is just fruits and tissue box for detail only, 1 last time to check then ready for uv unwrap, then when all this ready i can do alot of texture and render before i decide email this to fly studio, that company is last choice lah.

Monday, March 11, 2013

good moments

11 31 pm

recently there have been good moments, my juniors have able to get job interviews and job offer from local company silver ant. i'm very happy for them and I hope they will find the rest along the way. recently i am also thinking, my previous reels that i make, it looks nice only, but maybe it needs something like surprised the interview with artistic work that is mine so, i'm very confident this maybe can help me next time when i apply into overseas company oktobor animation or local company.

i still am working on my personal modeling reel because interviewer seems like my modeling, texture, and lighting so far lah, more than my character animation, it's alot of proof already. hm, okei today I'm going to settle the picnic scene and then tonight work on hotel and cafe scene, then later today prepare photos for my next interview of got lah.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

2nd interview

2 18 am

浩个星期我又去TPM在bukit jalil去做interview,真的是很大这地方!
这个interview是10时早安日阿浩我认为下个星期又多一个interview是来了>.<,工事的老板他们要看夺我的3D东市看看environment根photography, scuplting的东市.现在我足额的如果我又多时间我会做多一个model日阿后我会给oktoboranimation他们看看我新的modelingreel

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

picnic project

5 55 pm Subang Jaya

大家好! i started a random project call picnic, random idea doing for just learning purpose and my 3d folio, i will post more work in progress, below is the 1st

hm the background is HDR image, and the rest is the props in foreground, i will just complete modeling 1st and see that all details are there then can go between uv unwrap, texture and render