Monday, March 11, 2013

good moments

11 31 pm

recently there have been good moments, my juniors have able to get job interviews and job offer from local company silver ant. i'm very happy for them and I hope they will find the rest along the way. recently i am also thinking, my previous reels that i make, it looks nice only, but maybe it needs something like surprised the interview with artistic work that is mine so, i'm very confident this maybe can help me next time when i apply into overseas company oktobor animation or local company.

i still am working on my personal modeling reel because interviewer seems like my modeling, texture, and lighting so far lah, more than my character animation, it's alot of proof already. hm, okei today I'm going to settle the picnic scene and then tonight work on hotel and cafe scene, then later today prepare photos for my next interview of got lah.

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