Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sector 2 & updates

1 17 am

so latest updates.

1. recently interview at animonsta for the 1st time, another interview with Sunnyside studio next week at damansara damai.
2. buy more yen for my japan trip.
3. some progress for sector 2, all modeling is finally finished, just UV unwrap and textures next, with some animation test to complete.

above is the town for sector 2, models are all complete, the remaining is UV unwrapping only

I started this project long time ago in 2005, now i am repeating again, just making it looks nicer only. further more i am doing it alone. Now i just want to try and complete as much as i can. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

fucked up week

9 25

1. 下个性期我有多一个interview去。在kelanajaya是早上。这个工是叫flystudio.
2. 我是足额的要换我的新demoreel.
3. 下个月一定要去日本乐。不要等了。
4. 我以前学生是比亚现在。我听是佷开心。

1。so the following week i have an interview at kelana jaya with fly studio.
2. I think i have the change my demoreel again.
3. i really have to go to Japan this time, not waiting.
4. one of the students i taught is finally graduating. happy for her.