Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starcraft 2 heart of swarm

it 3 27 am in the morning, I was doing my fireball work in maya when my old friend chris wong turn onlien to show me this video of next starcraft 2 chapter , heart of swarm, expension from wings of liberty.

quite nice trailer, I need to get the game someday but not now. yar, I hope I can also sleep later if not now, other than that i hope I get to pay and feel the story of next expension

Friday, May 27, 2011

school of media, lighting , texturing and rendering over

a render of a bedroom sunset mood

close up render of a room

a render of a bedroom sunset setting

it's 10 54 pm, here I am writing block at night, after completing my summative project for this subject called lighting. hm I learned what in just 3 weeks, and did a summative project in 1 week! that is freaking fast. David Tsui has gone back to Oktobor now and claim he will balik to lifeway college school of media in august, for he's sake I hope he tak payah return to this fuck up college.

I wish him the best and hope he can stay and work at oktobor and they renew his contract. As for us, well Don Smith, our senior lecturer that was teaching at vancouver will be teaching maya dynamics to us, subject I'm not familiar and have to relearn everything. I just get this feeling after this few months I won't have fulltime lecturer anymore is up to me again to finish my character animation reel! fuk you Sean Castle! after this year I going to destroy your career!

I will upload watever work I did during the lighting subject, can I say I learned more to manage mu uv unwrap skill and my texture from b4, I was relly shit at it

updates is, one of my classmates, Jason Thomas Flint is returning from HuHu studios to school of media to continue on his studies which is relly good, he's a very nice and friendly person I knew from begining of my advanced character modeling subject, is good to have him back. others news is my vietnamese friend moved out of campus! yah man you da man!

anyway I am showing some stuff to prove that I am learning something while david tsui is around and not waisting all that money. hopefully I can share on my character animation after I complete it. I decided to rest this weekend, watch animation and just surf the web and do work only on sunday evening or at night.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

late night blog

it's nearly 12 am now at snells beach auckland and what have I got to say is this, it;s more than 3 months I staying here, there are more bussiness students from india, some of them are nice ppl so far, so I just met.

again we got invited to hok eng and lim sun place 4 dinner, i think it was good we all meet once every 2 months. the more of us the better the more fun. AS for this few months, I have a guest lecturer or tutor from Octobor animation, david tsui teaching us lighting , texturing and rendering some small parts of uv unwrap, old stuff but not my focus.

I will upload another piece of work from my assignments I was practising soon. I have some summative work this week to finish by next friday and submitted by next friday so standby la for wip.

I will relax until 2moro around 3pm that is when I will return to do work again. hm anyway I got something more to say, I plan to create some close relationshipwith some girls I know but I will not have relationship, hard to say haha after spend 3 months here.

Monday, May 9, 2011


hello it's 9 58 pm now at snells beach lifeway college school of media and I got some stuff to share, 1st of all, got a guest lecturer from Octobor animation here to teach abotu lighting, texturing and rendering, then got news some dude(kei kasai's friend) is coming to teach fulltime at lifeway until august. 2moro will have some meeting with the rodney fella again.

just because lifeway now have some new lecturer not mean they are getting better. as for me hm, I'm continuing to finish my bhd lip sync, it's damn sux! I actually have to repair the damn animation! I trying my best to finish the character animation, I suppose finish it last week but have to delay because I got headache and then running nose!

this week I decide every night I work until kau tim sai. 2moro 8 30 am somemore I have to come here in the morning for the stupid talk thing, I maybe kenot wake up oso! I'm trying to become better at character animation, but each time still making slow progress aduhai >____<

I got to try harder, anyway good news is 4 of my classmates working at huhu studios, doing rigging, animation and lighting, so nice they get internship, I plan to do internship maybe after lifeway apply at oktobor or others company i know.

my neighbours from india damn noisy until I have to ask them nicely to lower their voice, they still noisy! so I damn fedup I decide to move out of lindsey lodge and go to stewart lodge, ma cau hai man! the showers there and student room there more shiok!

anyway just to show the 1st lighting assignment lol

apple on cloth XD

and here's update on bhd lip sync

Untitled from chien yih tham on Vimeo.