Saturday, May 21, 2011

late night blog

it's nearly 12 am now at snells beach auckland and what have I got to say is this, it;s more than 3 months I staying here, there are more bussiness students from india, some of them are nice ppl so far, so I just met.

again we got invited to hok eng and lim sun place 4 dinner, i think it was good we all meet once every 2 months. the more of us the better the more fun. AS for this few months, I have a guest lecturer or tutor from Octobor animation, david tsui teaching us lighting , texturing and rendering some small parts of uv unwrap, old stuff but not my focus.

I will upload another piece of work from my assignments I was practising soon. I have some summative work this week to finish by next friday and submitted by next friday so standby la for wip.

I will relax until 2moro around 3pm that is when I will return to do work again. hm anyway I got something more to say, I plan to create some close relationshipwith some girls I know but I will not have relationship, hard to say haha after spend 3 months here.

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Randize said...

lol what do you mean by having close relationship with some girls but not having relationship. Just go for it bro! hahaha