Tuesday, July 31, 2012

communication term

i was looking at this thing the other day in my room, it came with my vodafone broadband mobile stick, it kind of have description of all the communication terms, I dun relly know what it is or what it can do, heck it's diferent language to me.

anyway, i just come from immigration new zealand, they change alot of the form for work visa, it was damn many page wei, now it is a few pages only, before it's damn confusin now it's more easy to read haiyoh, it gave me a headache. I dunno why i take extra form with me but hell, i just got news from some student from Lifeway college only, they told me that fucker Sean Castle is going to chow and Laura staying.

anyway just a few weeks more than i going to leave auckland, i paying my last rent to isaac, throw away rubbish and finally able to leave.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


hello is evening and got something interesting here i would like to share, my juniors in dg completed their final year project and give presentation for it, some of them upload their animation already and i wud like to share it here to congratulate them for their effort!

below is some photos i taken at some places at auckland city, this is oso counting days i'm leaving

UOA student lounge

queen street daytime, look nice

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my life today

i want to share something befor i sleep

i'm 28 years old ady and i'm 29 next year, i dunno what will happen to me in future, i know that will have to make so many decision and fukk up my life again like many years befor, i hope at least in future i can take care of myself even if i'm stuck at subang jaya.

i feel that got no future for me at new zealand after wat i saw here and experience here, its more scary than subang jaya, life there so hard but i survive and i'm happy. i will go back to do wat i can do, i think i got new philosophy or quote, like all the previous people who make quote also, they all say grass is greener on other side, but i will say if you think by moving overseas you make life easier for yourselve? it's opposite, you just made life more harder, worse than your experience back home.

if you are prepare to take all the pain suffering and see wat you are capable off, go ahead, try yourself. i wish i can be like you but i saw how weak I am here, if anyone manage to survive please share yur experience ith me, i'm humble to learn,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

movie time

halo, its 2 15 am in late night, i'm writing my blog, update my life here and sharing more things

i went to watch dark knight rising at Event cinemas here, and wat i can share is the direction of the movie got flow there meaning they explain things slowly so you can understand, this is telling without giving spoiler. next is i had dinner wit my cousins family after many weeks and month i didn see them, my sister officially moved to auckland and I am leaving auckland.

will be leaving auckland at 17th august next month so i nid to collect my bond from isaac, sell my heater and give away my medicine to che, also give away some clothes. I will focus on airport after tat and rest for few days while i clean my room and house.

coming to New Zealand teach me somethings, most of them i learn at home ady because life at Selangor and Subang Jaya is too hard ady, but i'm happy, here i learn making money so hard the maori cannot survive at all. mum have made plan to move to new zealand, but i dun think anything is happening yet, now progress so bad we are suffering more. will i come back many years later or will i still stay at Subang Jaya?will i move to diff house? i think time decide what happen next lah

my lovely nephew arthur, 11 years old, this is photo is for my album because i wont see him again until many years later T__T

wow, all the poster showing dark knight rising only

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


i was reading article about jobs around world lately, and videos on youtube, they talk about jobs around the world, Europe, US and even asia pacific. this going to be damn long topic i going to share.

europe now the economi is very bad so many people there are protesting, UK economy relly bad oso, i think new zealand is next, because so hard for people here get any job. the only place rite now tat people can find job is at south east asia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and maybe even Taiwan and China, alot of company from Canada, UK, US open office over there. They are trying to get people to do work for them and dun have to pay so much.

so maybe india doesn't have any skill much other than get poeple to handle small job, singapore is international country like US, UK, Canada, they can use english so easier for people communicate wit them. Hm well i going back soon so i will know more about job market at home when return.

RnH company have open office at Taiwan, it seems they relly serious about getting overseas skill to help them, ubisoft got office in singapore, Double Negative effects company got office at singapore, but latest news is RnH in taiwan only. my fren tell me tat taiwan famous for the IT skill.

US animation company so far in animation industry is not having problem, no one there saying they getting thrown away by their company, Pixar, Bluesky Dreamworks all 没有问题. but effects company like RnH, ILM, they open office overseas, except digital domain still stay there.

many years ago I think i saw Weta Digital still got job, haha rite now i think they not hiring ady, all like full, hopefully when i go back subang still will be okei

星期二在auckland library


这是在 Univervisity of Auckland,,他们是马来市亚人大 football
我香了。如果我是会马来市亚时候我可玩 football le! ^^

Saturday, July 7, 2012

cannot sleep

it's 1 36 am here at auckland city atmy flat, and I bey sleeping, diu nia seng, so i'm going sleep abit late hopefully can use some of my energy. i will upload photo tat i take today at aotea sqaure.

aotea square at winter time, but still beautifull, can become the postcard

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

auckland art gallery

today did something interesting, i have visited auckland art galery wit taka and seen something very interesting at there, i had fun inside a mirror wall, it feels awesome!

inside a mirror wall, everyting look like it's repeating ^^

haha, i'm in zoom effect

haha wierd view

inside auckland art gallery ^^

Monday, July 2, 2012

new animation

hello, today i'm back at library and my new animation got some blocking progress, here i can share more

this week alot of work to do