Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my life today

i want to share something befor i sleep

i'm 28 years old ady and i'm 29 next year, i dunno what will happen to me in future, i know that will have to make so many decision and fukk up my life again like many years befor, i hope at least in future i can take care of myself even if i'm stuck at subang jaya.

i feel that got no future for me at new zealand after wat i saw here and experience here, its more scary than subang jaya, life there so hard but i survive and i'm happy. i will go back to do wat i can do, i think i got new philosophy or quote, like all the previous people who make quote also, they all say grass is greener on other side, but i will say if you think by moving overseas you make life easier for yourselve? it's opposite, you just made life more harder, worse than your experience back home.

if you are prepare to take all the pain suffering and see wat you are capable off, go ahead, try yourself. i wish i can be like you but i saw how weak I am here, if anyone manage to survive please share yur experience ith me, i'm humble to learn,

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