Saturday, January 31, 2015

doing something similar in the past

6 25 pm

it's saturday and I'm going to type out my feelings off the whole day

1.took an emergency leave on friday, i needed time to be myself again and retreat.
2. im trying to find myself again, but still feel locked somewhere, i hoping the weekend will fix it.
3. I have a similar feeling in taman desa back in 2008, i feel that working around the area is just bad luck.
4. my japanese exam in on 14 on febuary.

thats all for nowa

Saturday, January 24, 2015

whats next

2 19 pm

it's almost going to be end of January and I going to update on next situation,

1. I finally have my first car at age of 30 years old. but i never asked for it,
2. i'm stressed at backbone entertaiment, working on alot of character animation and i thinking of not staying even after probation.
3. I'm deciding to leave the animation industry after starting a life as student and career for almost 8 years, I feel I am loosing my interest and planning to leave for good but keeping it as a hobby.
4. I might consider working at mom's office because i thinking of helping the family bussiness. after all this years.
5. I'm going to regret saying I don't have the money to pay the bank loan for my first car.
6. i'm thinking going to meet deborah lim before some other dude snatch her.
7. getting to know abuku sensei better.

dunno if gettting all this out of my head can fix anything but, it's just matter of time until i make my final decision, actually i already made my decision, now it's about other options i got. i feel dumb sometimes repeating the past but anyway, my thoughts are now out and i want to think about something else.