Saturday, December 2, 2017


8 40 am

latest updates

1. i have survivved 1 month in codemasters CAp training, didn't expect it but wow managed to survive that long, lets see if i can survive another month. until this is over.
2. and what have i learned there? how to create LOD(duh) and creating baked occlusions in substance and texture painting in substance, i only started subtance this year.
3. my holliday is almost over soon, waiting for the next holliday, what the hell am i talking about? my holliday starts after 25th dec.
4. missed my japanese class, but got my homework.

been back to the cinema after so many months, watched justice league.
okay and finally a future plan.

1. holliday in japan during spring, i decided for 3 weeks long, starting from tokyo, ikebukuro.
2. while i am there i either can find language schools or try out part time jobs.