Monday, December 16, 2013

end of the year

10 41 am

alright, blogging  again during work hours, so I settled the most important stuff, that left the less important stuff to settle, yesterday took my placement test for Intermediate 3 and just waiting for some results, and today i have to go settle some shopping materials for the house. doing mostly household jobs at moment, nothing relly important yet, most probably next year will be more busy than anything else.

i guess I can say things change differently ever since i returned from aucklands, can't say good or bad but, life takes it's on course. handling a job in animation company, managing a intern, studying anthropology, growing up and then finally picking up learning material like Arnold along the way.

i also wonder how life will seem along the way ever since i return from auckland last year in august, i guess i will find out after dec, this year is about to end soon also, will be expecting alot of meet ups and yumcha sessions coming with high school frends and college buddies from before

Thursday, December 12, 2013

further updates

10 30 pm

alright so whats new?

my pay cheque got bounced back to me, other co worker had the same problem but ghazi have written to us new cheque and hopefulyl this get solvled, and next is I think I have no proper work at the moment, I have been taken of little sciencetist and probably working on all previous models for vantura, and I didn't even express interest in it at all.

anyway I previously went to icls to ask bout my intermediate 3 exam and wow, I think I am lost in progress that kind of shit, the exam paper was nowhere and i think my sensei forget about me lol, kinda have to try get things together again.

other things are my intern and 1 both getting to know each other, normal stuff you can expect in a animation studio hehe, she asked me if gancho studio is going to keep me for next year but i sad i relly have no idea, i guess thats all for now, until further updates

Friday, December 6, 2013

life so far

11 am

friday, the start of the weekend, and here i am again blogging instead of doing work, this week gone past by so fast and ever since i started at ganchos 3 months have already passed like it was just yesterday. so wats the latest updates? hm I have a very first intern to teach and guide in modelingn she will be here for 3 months i think so I can only try my best to guide her and help her learn as much as possible

her name is chui yee, lim chui yee and she first came into interview last week, I seen her but have no idea who she is and she was going to be under me until my MD just informed me on company skpye, so I have taken her for  week so far and counting XD hopefully I will survive the next 3 months.

given her maya basics and training so far just to make sure she knows enough to able to work in maya for a beginner and sooner I will show her more tools and how maya will work with, also get to know abit about her other than just work. anyway more photo updates!

our lunch session together, this time with me inside the photo!

my intern of left Chui Yee and Shuet Ling(pst I'm planing on dating her in future)

office cat, he's name is edward and he loves me XD