Friday, February 17, 2012


hi is saturday 3:09 pm at auckland, I sitting at library typing all this, I am still searching for job in animation and even normal job is fine.

I plan to stay until until I can get my diploma on 14 april, and see if I can still get job in new zealand, if I dun have any offer from nayone here, I decide I will apply to Ubisoft or lucas animation singapore. i will leave auckland and return if I got offer from someone, but I dun think new zealand here want to hire anyone from outside country

this is the plan lah

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Auckland 2012

outside auckland musuem XD

apa ni lah

a peice of maori thing at museum

old gun in auckland musuem

old cannon in auckland museum

this is look like some medal of honour thing

wow this look like big shell

haha big bird! my favourite photo!

auckland musuem dinosaur

auckland museum Maori prop

me at auckland musuem

auckland civic center daytime

Auckland civic center at night

auckland civic center close up

hello everyone, i went touring last few days and also looking at auckland city places, hm, I took photos of auckland civic center at night. I also taking photos of auckland museum.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


4 57 pm, auckland library, using internet to find job while chatting with my frends. I finally got my work visa last week, now I am still finding the job. I can find maybe normal job like waiter or
office boy doing admin

I plan to stay until July to find job here if not then I will go home. other than tat i not sure wat to do. So meanwhile i keep working on my animation


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


my flat at auckland city

facing the road

our kitchen flat

4:14 pm, auckland library, 3 days dy I flat wit isaac and yee fong, is not so bad, their got their own schedule and things to do, but we are survive so far, joon kor message me yesterdya he said he went to collect my passport from post office, I suposed to receive it today but he not yet call me, maybe i have to call him later.

i will check my passport see what whether I have my visa, one of my classmate now have job in rigging, other classmate who are international student got their visa, some still apply and trying get job and others go home to find job.

for international student to find job oversea very hard leh, not easy, have to find some part time job here or die leh

i also sharing some photo of my flat