Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eco Pictures

12 16 pm

well it's been sometimes i didn't update so i will make it short

1. I have been at eco pictures for more than a month now, still no contract given yet. reminded the MD but nothing happened.
2. not doing too well, maybe they will let me go after 2 months?
3. my japanese class also will move very slow manner, i need to keep up with my studies.

to be honest, i didn't expect to stay until 1 month, but still here, i wonder when will they ask me to leave?

anyway here is a sharing for ghost in the shell, it's not really expectation but what is happening.

and other film about godzilla, this time it's destroying japan instead of new york.

here is another, Death Note 3, without Light yagami and a new death note user

the animation and film industry have not been moving very well this time, people just want to add money into movies just to make it look nicer i think it's stupid but artist needs job to feed their family other than themself. anyway, life have been the same, arrival of 3 other people, someone my supervisor from backbone, one indian national and one ex DG grad, the following month gurmit ex collague will come in.

i'm supposed to start a different bank account to get my income, and some other things i also need to do