Wednesday, April 29, 2015

some inspiration

10 30 pm

it's been awhile since i posted anything but here is some updates.

1. currently helping in the family bussiness, still working on my art skills and brought back my old project.
2. hopefully can continue with my japanese in 2 more months.
3. planning for my first trip to japan.

pretty soon i will post images of my very old project

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Japanese Porn Game

6 pm

Some Karaoke contest on some porn channel where man sing while holding as long as they can before releasing cement, I had a good laugh at this.

I also decided to revive a project i did back in 2005 called sector 2, I will rebuild animate into a short and make it more better than before.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

something the world won't see

3 08 pm

at home on saturday, just got a hair cut and send off the clothes for laundry, typical life so far, on the other hand, here is something else not so typical, we don't see this often in tv or even CNN, BBC but it's mostly shown by the ones who's in the middle of such situations.  below is videos of a war going on in syria.

not something i like to post on social sites at all other than my blog but man, just imagine there is someone dying the next second from almost anything. it's either civil war or fight with ISIS. but thats not my point here.

What i wanted to actually think about is, everysecond there is war, killing, someone dying and never ending conflict, over here there is no conflict at all, there is no war most of all no mindless shooting and gunfire, there is this one issue that i feel the people in this country can never get over and i feel that the nation are abit sensitive over the security of their lives. They have declared their families are no longer safe in a country that has robbing, killing and even abuse of power. honestly am I more afraid of a bom going off or dying in a sudden explosion? I would say both, are there any of that happened here so far, not yet, and still the nation makes a huge cry over the past months, I just wonder is the country so insecure that we need to worry? i mean whats wrong with the nation? I feel like the nation can't tell the difference where they are safe and where it's dangerous