Friday, July 29, 2011

end of Wellington

11 15 pm, Wellington, at che's apartment, hm, is my last night here, I'm flying back to auckland 2moro to see all my classmates, m'sian friends onsite and my final sem.

well, I have stayed at che's apartment in wellington for 2 weeks already, it was good staying at city for this period of time, I feel like, it's a good change environment, when I need to relax and enjoy my holliday I see the city and just hang around like normal everyday person who wants to thinkabout something else nothing to do with studies. involve in everyday life.

now when I'm returning to lifeway campus, I starting to get serious and will change my attitude to working very serious and focus, actually I'm glad my campus is at countryside, it's quiet, far from city, no car sounds, excelpt for wind blow and cow making love at night. it's nice and quiet I can concentrate on my studies, my room is above lab and I only go to lab and my room. it's a big difference! I can focus on my studies.

now the objective is specialise and get better in character animation. I did many things while at wellington, sightseeing, take photos, eat m'sian, japanese, korean food, read books, walk around, look at stuff, hang out starbucks and yumcha with ah che. the best part, watch the last harry potter movie with che XD

now I return to campus and continue my final sem. I'm certain about 2 things at future. I might working fulltime at JB Hi Fi after graduate to support myself, get my job search visa and then work somewhere in auckland. I will have to ask like hell an check for apartment or better room to rent.

and I was very lazy to write this stupid blog, but since is my last night at wellington might as well write it lar. after this I will stay at auckland for next 5 months finishing my final.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

interesting article about PR m

I just read this article online only, it talks about immigration and PR for international studentz plus myself who interested in study 1st at foreign country then to job search visa to permanent residence.

staying after studies, it talks about whether or not the internation students purpose here is relly study or mess around with parents money. adoi they make me sound macam i tak layak saja >___<. It also talk more about stuff that I too lazy to explain here
anyway, che going to work today, I probably take some walk at city by myself while che is working, I then wil come back and make some lunch for myself and then go out again, since I on 2 weeks break I will navigate city by myself XD

Saturday, July 16, 2011


11 12 am, 17th July 2011, I'm currently at wellington on semester break for 2 weeks!

going to enjoy my holliday while it last! so I will be spending 2 weeks with my kar che until i return to Snells beach, smel;s beach, smelly beach, snells bitch. so wat will I do here? dunno le, got nothing relly plan.

maybe I will walk outside sometimes when I just feel like walking. other than that good news I got all my marks. I passed every subject, happy enough, next is just need to enjoy my 2 weeks break. Anyway I woke up too early 2day, at 10 am,didn't eat my break fast yet, I think I will prepare lunch later around like 12 pm, thinking either soup or korean noodles, hell maybe just soup because is more delicious.

hm after this year, is going to be very different for me, I dunnow how, I just feel is going to be relly different. fultime job as intern, life working overseas and going to specialise as character animation and concept artist, wat else is in the future that I dunno?

yesterday before I left, Lu Lu Zhang tried to ask me if I was interested in going to auckland city like 3 times, I said I am going to wellington to stay with my older sister, funny lar she asked me yesterday and she askedme day before yesterday and she asked me again like yesterday. is she trying to get me to go with her? hahah

anyway al I know is since isaac left, things are very different, he wants to work, I wanna learn and finish my studies. and maybe months later I have my showreel ready to apply for animation intern, I will consider as lighting and texture intern job if got ppl accept me XD

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 more days

3 more days until I can fly to Wellington!
I am so looking forward to it!
I just need to complete my darn post production assessment, finish it and I go off to airport on saturday afternoon

I need to start packing by thursday so friday I have no rush, I thinking I will wash my last clothes today so I got extra clothes to wear when come back from wellington.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 2.0, PERKASA, Patriot

8 53 pm, Snells Beach, I'm now writing this stuff out because I have sense to write something relly big.

news was annouced recently back home about the rally for the next general elections for next year, a few political parties which was claim to be illegal, BERSIH 2.0, PERKASA and PATRIOT, a club but not even a party, anouned they would rally at KL and march toward stadium merdeka. members of each party have different intentions and motive of their own for the march.

I dun' fully know the story but what I know so far is happening in the news updates from staronline and from some website that pointed the video footage.

this is what been shown to me

this video shown members from FRU shooting smoke gas at the rally crowd, yet ppl's argued the rally haven't acted violently towards FRU or even cause public harm

here as well, the FRU shot smoke gas at the Rally crowd. everyone argues as why have there been no demonstrations allowed in our country and everytime there is a demonstration, the police tells them to disperse before they even speak. this is pretty obvious to me that there got no such thing as human rights.

amazingly there's also a BERSIH rally at Melbourne, australia, a more peacefull, yet straight to the point rally totally none violence I seen

also a BERSIH rally at Auckland , New Zealand, I would have gone only if I had transport, that way I can speak openly with all m'sians about things back home.

this probably is the biggest political conflict I seen coming from m'sia so far because everyone knoew about it back home of overseas. everyone talking about it and everyone relly updating on the news about it. Our goverment, our leaders, our officicals that service in goverment service, it just became like very attention grabbing suddenly.

I had to keep in touch at home because I'm malaysian, dun get me wrong, I luv my country, my ppl but I cannot accept the part of politics, watch what you seen in the videos, hear what you get from newspapers, and bulletins, see how manipulative these ppl are.

2moro all this enters the starts newspaper, berita harian even nan yang. When will malaysians ever have peace?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 54 am Snells Beach

sound like a bloody log, anyway, I can't sleep again, I think I goign to faint abit later during daytime, so since I still got energy I can write all this out. Isaac left his studies to work fulltime internship at Oktobor, I'm still here, got to finish what I started.

prepare simple ideas for my final project, and finish up on animation I have not completed. hm other than that I can update on more stuff I never share, been a long time I never do digital painting, so I am sharing here one of my old paintings I put on hold and never have time to finish, below is the wip, kind of static for wip but I will do my best to show more stuffs.

for now I have compositing classes working on Nuke programme, so called powerfull compositing programme for high end films, ugh I'm not even a compositor dude. But I will touch it for sake of touching it. as long as I can pass am happy.

so here's the story below for the painting, an aura of a wizard is in some cave looking for some portal to some place, it see's it in some distance away, surrounding the cave is glowing crsytals that emit a glow the same color as the portal, therefore, the crystal are like the life source that empower the portal.

lifestream wip 03