Tuesday, July 30, 2013

lemon sky art test

7 23 pm

been a time i didn't post anything, okei well, recently got a modeling test from lemon sky tv, to model a game art piece of work and sunmit by this  thursday through email. not muc i can talk about it it except i am rushing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

gancho studio and anima point

4 55 pm

it's evening time and sometime i didn't blog ady so here is the news, iwas offered a job as 3d modeller in animation company called gancho studio in shah alam, to be part of the 3d modeling team, i have replied to the managing director that i'm accepting the position.

another news is that they are not at south korea, therefore either i can get a reply they will accept me or my vacancy is taken lol. another place i applied is Anima point, a international animation conmpany doing tv series, i applied for modeling apprentice that cost RM 10,000 freaking ringgit, i relly dunno how to get the money for that aprentice, chances maybe i cannot even enter the apprentice at all.

2moro i'm joining john for interview at lemon sky other than that no other news updates.

Monday, July 8, 2013

upcoming interview

9 am

i missed 2 interviews for architectural visualization, becasue they would not suitable for me, but i am suppose to atted interview at animation company at gancho studios 2moro, i also applied at hue huevisualab, next i might think to apply at silver ant, they recently announce they are only hiring animators.

whole day i will prepare artwork to present to ganchos for 2moro

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

more interview coming

6 47 pm

wake up late again diu nia seng, and got another 2 more interviews coming, one for framemakerscreative sdn bhd at jaya one and the other at shah alam gancho studios doing 3d animation series. hopefully one of these few company work out well.

i'm still building on my animated film website, progress is slow but it's moving somewhere, in time later I will introduce the website to friends and then collagues, and hopefully someday if people are interested they can get involved if they want and I can pay them as freelancers on board the project.

I didn't go for peoplelove 2nd interview today for a good reason, I don't think i can commit 10 or even 20 years to them and i don't see how I can contribute my 3d skills to their retail projects, maybe interior designers can even if I'm wrong but not me, I'm made for animation.