Monday, March 28, 2011

life at lifeway so far

29//03/2011 - so far is abt 2 months more at lifeway, and I feel it's different now, my lfie at this college has turn from normal to black.

reason 1 : lifeway now got no lecturer to teach is the next module, I suspect might be like dis for the whole year, am thinking working on my demoreel, arguing with them is pointless, I can use that nergy to stay focus and not loose concentration. I planing to apply for job as character animation at oktober animation, shud I? good or bad I must try.

reason 2 : Zhang Lu Lu, one of the girls here I always talk to for some weird reason touches me, we never talk much often, but I got a feeling we will see each other again, maybe in auckland, she has a bf and I know like previously I'm going to end up making another stupid confession when most of the girls I always confess to already have bf's and I always find out last minute! nia seng

reason 3 : I plan to move away from campus, because of few fuckup reasons, I cannot stand the fact that mom paid money for my food and they give me shit to eat or sometime too little. I wanna cook my own food, if I move out, I have to pay for my own rent, but I am jobless, I have no job I cannot pay for rent. even this is troublesome. 1st thing I going to do is ask for campus contract and ask to move out. I dun mind the way they run things here as long as not long term and not so retarded bu this is abit too much. the owrse case is 1 week without any lecturer teach me rigging and skinning, mom's money is waisted everyday! if I move out and pay for rent is even more waisted! so I am kinda stuck wondering what to do now!

reason 4 : kirby isn't teaching us animation anymore, sigh, it's like the rest is up to me now to learn or trial and error, I hope that after this I can get a job in new zealand even if got no lecturer for whole year, it relly going to sucks, so much money waisted on me and this is last decision I ever make, no more lifeway after this.

conclusion ; I am working on my demoreel now,and artwork I have, no regrets because is all I have to use to get a job. I will post watever work I created here so I will show that I am learning something

Saturday, March 19, 2011

life at animation lab

is 5 pm now and I'm typing blog and be lazy on sunday XD.

just wanna upload some photo I taken with my handphone camera XD

er I dun think this is cam whore XP

my friend Joe Ash

wah lau, 1st time I taken picture at lab, I relly lazy 2day, dunno y oso, hope 2moro I got mood to do work XP

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


it's 9 34 pm now, i'm at animation lab started doing my assessment work, planned work layout for 1st day, nothing further than that. talking to my friends and classmates, sigh.

but now I got to say something, is relly bothering me di, I read the star online dere, talking abt the earthquake at japan and the nuclear meltdown that effect their nation, is relly sad news, I feel bad for them because is worse time of the year for them in many years, many japanese ppl died and not many other neighbour country but m'sia offer them help. Stupid China, you F@ckking communists! go help them! South Korea! you are so close go offer them any help you can even if you dun have any money to give!

I seen the pictures, is relly sad.

something else also bother me, feel abit stupid post like dis but must get out of my mind, i stayed here for more than month di and actually feel like shit now, I left home, family friends, cousins, nephews, niece, even the girl I wanted to be my gf to study here, so far from home expensive international student fee, and plane ticket and risky choice, cannot make mistake to fail here.

arrgh, feel homesick but now feel even worse! now I got the feeling, what am I thinking?! I left home and come all the way down here and doing this? even if I have friends arond me from south east asia but I still feel damn alone here, I shud never have look at the photo of everyone from KL, it made the feeling worse! argh! is damn torture!

everyday when I wake up, it's new zealand, not subang jaya, not home, it's other side of the world! even with some m'sian arnd I still feel alone here. I wanna go to che during holliday! I want to go to family so bad. T____T

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cafe Food

Had eat outside of lifeway campus for 1st time heheh, fish and chips cost me nz 25 dollars! F@ukking expensive! I ordered apple juice cost extra 28 nzd, well good thing I eating only once at there. I took photo of my food also but pointless upload to here.

now it's 10 19 pm and I'm at lab typing this shitz blog out while doing my animation!!! I shud be resting, maybe tonight I sleep at 12 am, after I did abit more.

nxt week I plan to check with IRD with the main office and then probably join Tung, isaac and anyone else for searching the apartment. I plan check my account every of every month to see how much I spend on food, important things and not so important things. I hope will survive this whole year at lifeway campus.

other than that I am fine. Maybe I play black ops later, damn sien di hahaha

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life at lifeway

morning, is 5 37 am here now, i'm awake and at the animation lab typing all this shitz out. 1st character modeling assignment finished and I'm taking some time off during weekend by watching movie that put up at server hahaha finalyl get to watch all the movies i miss last!

1st of all, I'm finished my work, but I will improve it later, now I wan to settle the IRD matter, my passport abit later. I have decided to go check for apartments or house with some friends and isaac 2moro, because we have a plan to move out, just not sure whether I able to do or not. I have many thing here I have to handle just no time for only.

also 2moro I plan to have lunch at the cafe near money savers, I wanna eat food outside the campus for once and dun worry abt money, 2moro will test widraw money from atm machine oso just in case. Alot of plan to make for in future just need to plan slowly. Well I didn't update alot on my blog because I was busy with assignment but here is point form update:-

1. my course lecturer Lernwell Ang have left lifeway school of media, I finished my 1st character modeling assignment that I will improve later, I got to make some new kiwi friends so far in new zealand and, I'm 1st time International Student with International skills.

2. I wanna work in new zealand as cg artist and character animator in company in auckland and wanna apply to be PR here.

3. I wanna have a gf and get married someday. see the picture below haha, wonder if I have any hope XD

and below I got some pictures of my friends with me and isaac at Snells Beach

from left, Isaac, me, Andreas Rodriguez from Columbia, Jonathan Cooper from Wellington, Tung Pham from Vietnam