Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snells Beach Auckland

4 08 pm, Snells Beach, I am back here now after staying for 2 days 1 night at joon kor's place at epsom, got to see family again after nearly 3 months at Snells Beach XD.

saw auckland city from motorway and then I saw bigger version of warehouse. bought some new shoes to walk around(SHIOK!!!!) eat dim sum and korean buffer(LAGI SHIOKKK!!!) well I bought some sketchbook and mechanical pencil for myself to draw in class because I decided to paint digital and sketch traditional. I had fun playing football with my nephews, and shopping with them most of all, give them both chocolate.

I know 1 thing now, joon kor's nephews are good training for me to learn what is like to be a father, I dun know what is liek to live with children but I talk to them and take care of them like an uncle to learn the meaning of being parents, can say I am training very early. Now I think I'm knowing what life here got in store for in training, early parent training, learning to do things for myself more, job training and being patient, but most important someday is my girlfriend and future wife.

as my job field hehe, I'm going to be some kickass CG artist, I will upload some photos taken from my phone soon of my family

Friday, April 29, 2011

Epsom, Auckland

5 33 pm, Epsom, auckland. I staying at joon kor's place and having some fun with my nephews XD. just staying for tonight and return the next day.but you know wat? who care, as long as I get to see my family for 1 day and saw the city with my own eyes good enough.

somehow I think life in the city will be different, yah how different? different macam expensive different! XP how much my rent? hha maybe nzd 100 above! somemore I have to pay everyweek. imagine how silly it is.

anyway I wanted to think of doing my animation tonight but I think I bo energy so I think maybe whe I balik campus 2moro only I do my work. I think tonight will be cold when I tidur so I bring extra jacket just in case, is funny but I forgot to bring the other long sleeve clothing >____< hope I can survive the stupid cold air tonight. I still not sure if I can live in new zealand, so I'm only studying here for 1 year only then I decide if I want to stay or not

Thursday, April 28, 2011

some fucked up holliday

3 05 pm, now at lab, here is some update, I supposed to be visiting my cousin 2moro and maybe enjoy some family time, bu guess what? that family time was supposed to be today this week, but it was cansel because my cousin is busy. understandable
now today, I had last minute changes for transport and my holiday plan to visit my family is cancelled! I can't even bloody visit my family during holliday that is leaving few miles away from me wat the fuck is dis bulshit!

last minute changes and visit trip kena delay is fine, buy kena cancel after I kena told to delay wt?? is dis bullshit???

dats it la! I'm going to auckland myself next week, I dun care about waiting already, I tolerated kiwi and local bullshit, now I'm just giving up on their excuse, lanjiao now I liek got no mood to do my work. hopefully this evening I Can do something.

I plan to go auckland next saturday for a 1 day trip and back to snells beach, by myself

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

something that happen

it's 5 18 pm wednesday, I am at lab doing my animation, online and typing out this blog, I can say that 1 did 1 thing today that make me smile, and that is, I drive car here for 1st time, better than never tried before, 1st time and last time.

2nd is now I find more time to refine my previous animation and make it look better. I finally uploaded the animation work progress and can share it here.I can make it look really good. pls be patient with me minasan XD

below is a work I did on character animation lip sync, the dialogue I taken from black hawk down, I plan to do it last year but delay because of my study application. now I have time on holliday I kao yao to do it, it's going to look good! I will make it look good!

work progress 01 - blocking

bhd blocking from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

work progress 02 - in between

bhd in between from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

work progress 03 - breakdowns

Untitled from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

as for others stuff I can share is some things I did my own free time, I got bored doing animation at lab so I take out my tablet and sketch again XD, because I'm still a concept artist in training, randy! you are looking at this pls critique me! XD

Monday, April 25, 2011

1 week holiday

auckland, 5 10 pm, 1 week holiday at campus snell beach, I finally have time to type out stuff on this blog to show I am still alive at new zealand and not dead yet.

this week is simple, lifeway college arrange a bus trip to albany and auckland city for international and local student, bus trip is free. I kena wait until maybe thursday for auckland trip I hope that jun kor is ready to fetch me from the city.

just this 1 week I spend time at campus doing my animation, eat, sleep , youtbube and play games. also I need to remember to do my IRD number sohai man. next thing is I will upload a personal animation I plan last year but never started until my holliday now, I uploading and share it here abit later.

nothing else to talk

Friday, April 15, 2011

walk cycle

5 15 pm, at lab, abit sien nothing to do other than my own work but today wanna relax abit. I did a walk cycle practise last week, to put for my new student demoreel, I have 2 more projects now that I doing now. just going to finish them so I can put in my student demoreel. today saturday here I dun want to do any work, I just want to relax and watch movies for learning and online in 11 second club or concept art forum look at others ppl works.

I only do work next week. Anyway news is, got some new lecturer teaching scripting for maya this week for only 1 month, adoi, MEL scripting damn headache wei, I try to code oso abit hard le haha, I got no understand how to code or understand how to use it, at toa never learn or use it before. look at my coding la in my blog to see how I suffering XD. Next week friday is my holliday start so I plan to go out to auckland to hang kai abit, holliday is about 1 week so maybe that 1 week I will plan to buy myself just 1 shoe for holliday at auckland and 2 more packet of korean noodle.

hm.... I am preparing my demoreel for Oktobor Animation, so trying to push my animation and drawing skill untik kao kao.

below is my walk cycle, not yet finish, still doing refine. critique is welcome to improve it.

walk cycle from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

Monday, April 11, 2011

MEL language

now is 2 17 pm in afternoon, and I am typing this shit out, been learning MEL(Maya Embedd language for 2 days) T___T sohai hard liao, how the heck make this kind of script work I oso dunno.

anyway, I still boleh learn some script that usefull in my work, but now I fully focus on my animation reel, looks like sohai only but I try my best la to finish it, next after walk cycle is lip sync.

now that I typing this, I suddenly feel like 2 months study here, is like I dunno, I see time pass by and I'm still alive at here. news is Isaac trying to do this test for his internship at oktobor company and trying to work there, I happy get the test and even more happy if he dapat internship there, I hope he can work there so he can tell me wat it's like over there.

sigh, my life at new zealand, sometimes feel macam tak baik and sometime macam tak ada berita, but can say I am still alive. lanjiao! I miss CC with yap kang wei and Foo!! cannot cc here with anyone except year 1 studentz!

someday! must pulang to KL and see everyone again, I relly feel goddamn homesick here!

above, programming language that I cannot understand! >___< haha everything I type also wrong , this time subject is called MEL Scripting, very sien for me and fun for programmer

above is my walk cycle re do after my classmate critique my demoreel >__< so I re do a new one to preapre for my future job here XD, I senang saja buat walk cycle, actually this is refine version from the last video post

okeila, I update more later

Friday, April 8, 2011


is 5 pm now at snells beach, I doing my splining for my walk cycle, feel like backs to basics but it's alright, train up everything from fundamentals to move to intermediate XD

going to upload wip here 1st for my closer friend to see and critique before I put into 11 second club XD for more refinements, this is my future, other than that I no other plan here for a job

something else here maybe I can share oso, is my next dialogue for my lip sync I will put up the sketch with the dialogue soon, for update on our situation leh, isaac got job at the indian restaurant next the dairy, happy for him, he can support himself, I see if Video Ezy got jobs anot if not I just focus on my student reel. I try not to spend too much money this month, if not then I pok kai

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

visa debit card

11 35 pm now, i'm at lab doing some work, hm actually continue doing my walk cycle blocking after revision, today only I just activate my pin card for my visa debit card, just need to know how to use it.

I probably use it later to book a room for me and isaac if he following to go auckland to stay for 3 days, if going then I must find a way to go back to north shore and warkworth. other than that doing okeh. going to finish up tonight work and sleep early cuz 2moro I continue doing character rigging.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

plan ahead

is 2 24 am, now I at lab doing my walk cycle, trying to finish the blocking by next week, that is my little plan for my demoreel.

but now I got another plan, that is to prepare better animation for my demoreel. I had asian dinner asian party last night with my neighbours on campus Hok Eng and lim sun, good to be able to eat mized asian food with asian families.

makes me feel warm to have asian family here, like never before, I taken the photos and plan to upload soon, while taking those photos I felt abit weird situation there I swear I felt like last year, jesus, I hope it's not me acting again.

but I got better stuff this time to post up, I got the chance to paint again my tablet about some value studies I can post in here. just to show my art foundation not yet dead.

some quick value studies of environment, pretty soon I will post some stuff I did on lip sync, currently blocking animation for a walk cycle. I got a little plan, around 25th april I will go down to auckland to stay for 5 days, I will ask tung or isaac to come down with me or anyone that interested if not then I will go on my own, I bring my laptop with me to do work also, I will try and ask Kelsey or taka san to see if either of them can fetch me or pick me up from auckland to return to campus when term break end see how things go.

other than that, I will lsit down what I need to prepare for my job application.