Friday, April 8, 2011


is 5 pm now at snells beach, I doing my splining for my walk cycle, feel like backs to basics but it's alright, train up everything from fundamentals to move to intermediate XD

going to upload wip here 1st for my closer friend to see and critique before I put into 11 second club XD for more refinements, this is my future, other than that I no other plan here for a job

something else here maybe I can share oso, is my next dialogue for my lip sync I will put up the sketch with the dialogue soon, for update on our situation leh, isaac got job at the indian restaurant next the dairy, happy for him, he can support himself, I see if Video Ezy got jobs anot if not I just focus on my student reel. I try not to spend too much money this month, if not then I pok kai

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