Saturday, September 28, 2013


10 55 am

hm 2 months at gancho and counting! and i'm still alive and kicking, i just wonder what comes next, so for further updates here what happens. i'm mostly responsible for modeling and texturing props and environments for little scientist a corporate project for fun science, aimed at pre school, I also became a taxi driver to the art director.

next thing is I become generous enough to fetch and send home my co worker who was an online friend to me last year, this year we met and work in same company. to be honest I never expect to work in same company with her, coincidence? anyways i got some house responsiblity to settle this weekend, i been delaying it too long ady

been delaying personal projects so i can rest more for weekend, but i decided i will continue working on them, next scenario is i got in train further my figure drawing, color value and color moods and digital painting for production art, all the essential things to train in

i think i'm probably moving more towards art sense, my technical lagging behind like crazy, other updates is gancho studios have 2 concept artist at moment, 4 modellers, 1 animator, 1 technical director, 1 art director, 1 illustrator, 1 managing director and 4 interns.

one of the intern plans to extend their training for another 3 months plus to learn more stuffs, maybe you can teach if you want to help train them, i think there is more than awaits me but i am yet to know what is coming

Sunday, September 15, 2013

working life

9 45 pm

it's been more than a month since i started working at gancho studio, will say it will be 2 months after that and i'm thinking to myself just make it through probation. and here i am lecturing to myself about a few things i am going through.

one is trying to survive in this industry, and the other is probably to do with making it in this industry a rough idea, that was trying to tell me by instinct but i never understand what is it about.

Survive in this industry, more like when someone like me is given opportunity to work with a company on a project, I would do my very best to work with them, I would show face, take instructions, critism, and make things look nice, kinda like applying my art sense ady, also involve is communication, understanding and work attitude, the stuff that every new staff member is already familiar with. maybe I am understanding but i it doesn't proof i am doing it right, so that leaves until probation is over. So for now, I try my best to keep the supervisors happy and work with them, making sure there is no complains about the way i work. that means I keep my attitude right, learn the flow, the system and adapt to my working environment, got a question just ask, at least I know what I am doing.

another is making it in this industry, which can mean that fresh graduate or someone with experience, disregard exercise their creative idea to contribute any kind of ideas to project, concept stage, starting until finishing, and they relly put their artistic ability first before work attitude to survive in this industry, thats mean employer probably accept them based on artistic ability more and see if they can be usefull to them company for future projects and not just calafe. can say those who survive in the industry are expendable and can be replaced anytime, while the one making it in the industry comes out with ideas and more creative ideas making themselves usefull, they are very active and contribute much more to the company than those who try hard to survive.

maybe they can also be more usefull as project managers in the future when the ones who try to survive do more best at surviving and help the one that making it. from my understanding, i think can use both to stay in this industry longer. this matter can be debated also with myself but leave it to everyone experience.

i just want to surivive my probation at moment

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

can't sleep

3 26 am

according to my heading it really sucks to be wide awake from 1 am until 3 am and cannot return to sleep after that, nia mah

Saturday, September 7, 2013

life so far

11 30 am

it's been awhile, i feel like 2 months have just passed by quickly, anyways some updates,  shuet ling lee got a job position as concept artist at gancho studios in vantura to do concepts and storyboards for their project and I'm working on little scientist.

my own progress so far is modeling and texturing and some major changes in texturing, I went to selangor shooting association and thinkign to get my shooting license renew so I cna grab a glock and shoot away at target practise. can iamgine the sound and the impact of the gun, what else?

i was recently told that lemon sky asked john about me lol, i forgotten about them ady, i tot they have given up on me or something like that haha, other plans are i will go to subang parada maybe 2moro buy some more rubbish bags and thinkign working on personal projects soon, i have been delaying them for long enough ady.

i have surivved my first month at gancho studios, now try and survive 2nd month then make it through my probation