Monday, August 28, 2017

bad news

7 40 am

okay some updates.

1. the offer from Sasbadi is been pull back because i failed animation test.
2. i applied to codemasters, a few other companies for animation position.
3. got this application call hello talk to meet more japanese.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

possible offer

4:08 am

okay, last time since any updates

1. i got an offer from some small company in Sasbadi, as a 3D artist, and possible an interview for another company called gameka.
2. in advance 2 now and i just learn my exam is at october.
3. made some new buddies at ICLS, both are form beginner level.
4. decided to take the internship at Japan, success or not depends on them.


there is this translation device called  Illi thats translates everything you say into japanese or any other language, that little thing is really very good. 

anyway, thats all for now