Friday, July 17, 2015

Raya in July

11 34 pm

so this is my life at the moment.

1. some of the lights in the house are repaired.
2. sitting for my exam in 28th August.
3. still helping in the family bussiness at moment, doing admin work, and helping at roadshow doing reception work and taking photos.
4. doing factory work at the family bussiness.
5. this shud not be written here but I have to, i met deborah lim online through jeremy since 2013 until now and I have tried asking to meet her several times, many times it failed because of timing and location. I wonder if nxt time i will be lucky.
6. still working on my personal project.

and currently watching a documentary about the cartel in mexico

not much happens right now, i can only say that later we will see how my life will progress.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

life so far

7 00 pm

it's a weekend and I'm updating on whats happening in my life so far.

1. its been 5 months since i retreated from the industry, to be honest i don't feel any different.
2. i lasted more than 3 months in the family bussiness.
3. still practise 3D as usual, i think i will return in the future just not sure when.
4. i decided, my trip to japan will be sometime next year if yap is not coming along.