Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a month & 1.5 in backbone

9 48 pm

i't s evening time and here I am typing after some time away so here goes, so far it's been more than a month in backbone, plus another half a month i have been here, 1 artist have left since i started and became a replacement, another artist joined but i learned he will only start at the next episode, so much for xtra help.

the thing is i don't expect to make it after my probation because my time at moment doesn't look any better.I getting to learn about shi rong(animation director) and yoon jung(producer) and how they think so I can work with them better.

I'm also thinking after this I might work at the office because I tired of job searching and applying, it's getting me fedup and and tired and kind of pointless at some point

i'm thinking of going for drum lessons someday

Saturday, November 1, 2014

so far

9 38 pm

alright heres whats happenin.

1. latest update is my application for CILL funding just to get into codemasters apparently i'm guessing have already been rejected because nothing happened.

2. my cousin is getting married nxt weekend.

3. mom's going to get that new car.

4. i decided to post random stuff in my life at moment

during work, i finished my shot and i got bored, did a selfie

japanese bazaar, i think i might go

the office in Taman Danau Desa

thats all for now